In the garden with GB News: Sweet peas - everything you need to know for a vibrant display in your garden this year

Sweet peas / woman cutting sweet peas

Experts shared tips on how to look after sweet peas

Sarra Gray

By Sarra Gray

Published: 19/04/2024

- 09:00

GB News is sharing everything you need to know about how to grow and care for the plants in your garden and home. This week, we look at how to grow sweet peas as we reach the best time to plant these

Sweet peas are vibrant and fragrant flowers that add a welcome pop of colour to your garden in the spring and summer months.

GB News shares the best tips that will help you grow and maintain a beautiful display in your outdoor space this year.

Everything to know about caring for sweet peas


Sweet peas come in a variety of colours and April is one of the best times to start thinking about these in your garden. Now is a good opportunity to sow and plant the flower as the seeds are best planted in the autumn and spring months. Plant the seeds now and keep well-watered.

Pick a sunny and open spot in the garden for the flower to grow. While sun is important, the flowers may benefit from being in an area that also has some afternoon shade.

Purple sweet peas

Now is a good time to plant sweet peas


"Sweet peas need plenty of sunlight, but they're also sensitive to heat," President of Coastal Luxury Outdoors Rafi Friedman told GB News.

"Morning and early afternoon sun are best, while some shade in the late afternoon will keep them from being overheated."

The soil you use to plant the sweet peas is important. Opt for well-drained but moist soil that is enriched with organic matter so it is rich in contents.

Rafi added: "They're also particular about soil. They need deep soil with lots of organic matter and a neutral-to-alkaline pH. You'll want to till the soil deeply, mix it with plenty of compost, and add a bit of lime to it."

Sweet peas are easy to grow in spring and also in autumn. It is key to find a frost-free area if planting into the colder months, however.

Speaking to GB News, CEO and founder of Tree Menders Evan Torchio added: "In cooler climates, sow seeds directly outdoors in late winter and early spring when the soil is workable.

"Aim for full sun and well-drained soil. For warmer areas, autumn planting is an option too. Sweet peas are heavy feeders, so enrich your soil with compost beforehand."

How to care for sweet peas in the garden

The expert explained the plants need maintenance throughout the summer to keep them looking their best. Deadhead flowers regularly to get a continual, full bloom throughout the warmer months.

Evan added: "To keep those blooms vibrant, pinch back the growing tips once they reach about six inches tall. This encourages bushier growth and more flowers.

"[Remember to] deadhead regularly throughout summer – simply snip off spent blooms to prompt even more flowering."

Pinch out the tips when sweet peas reach around 10cm tall to encourage a bushier plant with more flowers.

When it gets warmer and drier in the summer, Britons should regularly water sweet peas to ensure they thrive. It is also worth feeding the flowers regularly throughout the summer.


Sweet peas in garden

Sweet peas make a colour addition to any garden


Sweet pea care timeline


Plant: Spring is the ideal time to sow the seeds of sweet peas. It is important to find the ideal spot in the garden with enough sun and moist soil.


Deadhead: Deadhead the flowers regularly throughout the warmer months.


Planting: Autumn weather conditions can also be good for planting so it is an option if you have forgotten to do so earlier in the year.


Tidy up: Gardeners can take the opportunity to tidy the flowers, removing debris as the plants start to die.

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