Sainsbury's makes big packaging change to 13 essential items in all stores

Sainsbury's makes big packaging change to 13 essential items in all stores

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Sarra Gray

By Sarra Gray

Published: 05/01/2024

- 11:19

Sainsbury's has made big changes to vegetables sold in stores

Sainsbury's has shared its latest change in a bid to cut down on waste.

It will update the packaging on mushrooms in a supermarket first.

The retailer shared it will ditch plastic packaging on punnets of its own brand mushrooms.

Instead, cardboard packaging will be used as part of its biggest single plastics removal of Sainsbury's groceries.

Sainsbury's mushrooms

Sainsbury's will update the packaging of 13 mushroom packs


The cardboard packaging can be easily recycled at home and removing plastic will save 52 million pieces of plastic in a year.

This will affect all 13 own brand lines including whole baby button, closed up and organic mushrooms.

Shoppers don't need to wait long for the new packaging as it will roll out this month.

Director of product and innovation Claire Hughes said: “As part of our Plan for Better commitments, we are trying to reduce plastic packaging across our own brand ranges.

"We are delighted to introduce cardboard punnets for our own-brand mushrooms.

"Making a collective effort with suppliers to increase recycled content and recyclability for all customers has helped achieve our biggest ever plastics removal so far.

"The initiative reflects our commitment towards a healthier and more sustainable future as we continue to look at ways to innovate our packaging and reduce and replace plastic where possible.”

Supermarkets have made several packaging changes to reduce plastic waste and make it easier to recycle.

Tesco is rolling out a huge change to popular products in all UK stores.

Sainsbury's store

The changes will roll out this month


The supermarket giant will change the packaging on its own brand pocket tissues.

It will do this by scrapping plastic packaging on pocket tissue multipacks.

Tesco campaigns manager Courtney Pallett said: “Unlike boxes of tissues, the pocket version tends to be used on the go and can all too easily become litter.

"The new paper packaging works just as well as the old plastic wrap but is more sustainable.”

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