Aldi changes how it sells butter in stores across the UK to cut back on waste

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Aldi has changed packaging on more products

Sarra Gray

By Sarra Gray

Published: 09/05/2024

- 15:45

Aldi shoppers will be able to make more sustainable choices when buying groceries

Supermarket giant Aldi has changed how it sells butter as it rolls out new recyclable packaging.

This will be used on two of its own-label butter lines in a first for UK supermarkets.

The packs will use a recyclable wrap that will replace the non-recyclable packaging that is currently used on block butter.

The new packaging will be paper-based and it can be easily recycled at home, removing more than 10 tonnes of non-recyclable packaging from circulation each year.

Aldi butter packaging

Aldi will roll out recyclable butter packaging


Shoppers will be able to see this on its Specially Selected West Country and Yorkshire block butters sold in the UK.

This follows a rollout of new packaging on its Everyday Essential cheese singles. The outer plastic wrap on this product was replaced with paper packaging.

This change in cheese slices could eliminate some 23 tonnes of plastic waste from stores each year.

Plastics and packaging director at Aldi Luke Emery said: “We are committed to minimising plastic packaging at Aldi, and we are constantly exploring ways in which we can make a meaningful change to our products.

“Through the introduction of these new recyclable packaging innovations, we hope to help customers reduce plastic use when shopping for everyday items at Aldi.”

This is the latest in a string of packaging updates made by the discount supermarket chain. Aldi recently changed the packaging of its own brand of sodas and water bottles to use fully recycled plastic.

Luke added: "We know our customers care about how their food and drink is packaged, as well as how it is disposed of and where it goes next.

"This, coupled with the fact that the reuse of plastic packaging once it has been recycled is a critical industry-wide issue, means we’re doing all we can to reduce our impact.

Aldi soft drinks

Bottled drinks are made from recycled plastic


“Moving to recycled content on our soft drinks range forms part of our efforts to accelerate our progress on this journey.

"We also hope the new labelling we are introducing will help to remind customers to recycle their packaging after use so we can all do our bit to increase recycling rates in the UK.”

Head of material systems transformation at WRAP Helen Bird added: “We are delighted to see UK Plastics Pact member, Aldi, transitioning all their own-label soft drinks and bottled water to 100 per cent recycled content.

"Reaching the highest levels of recycled content can only be achieved through action and collaboration across the industry; ensuring packs are designed for optimal recycling, as well as engaging with citizens around how to recycle them.”

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