Drivers urged to 'save £200 a year' on petrol and diesel costs with simple change

Petrol pump

Fuel prices are predicted to fall in the near future

Felix Reeves

By Felix Reeves

Published: 26/10/2023

- 13:09

Cleaning the car may improve fuel efficiency by two miles per gallon

Motorists could save up to £200 on petrol and diesel every year by making simple motoring changes and altering their habits.

People up and down the UK have been dealing with the cost of living crisis and the rising prices associated with motoring.

Car insurance policies, petrol and diesel prices and car tax costs have all risen in the past year as some drivers admit to struggling to afford to keep their car.

However, experts are urging motorists to keep on top of their car maintenance as they could save hundreds of pounds a year.

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Graham Conway, managing director of Select Car Leasing, claimed that a cleaner car is more fuel efficient.

He said: “Experiments found the vehicle was more fuel-efficient when clean, averaging two miles per gallon (mpg) more than when it was dirty.

“The average fuel mileage of the dirty car fell to around 24 mpg, while the clean car was 26 mpg.

“If you extrapolate that over an entire year, and with a driver covering around 8,000 miles, there’s a potential saving of around £200 annually just by keeping your car clean.”

The current price of petrol at filling stations around the UK is 155.49p, while diesel drivers are charged 162.08p, with the RAC forecasting that prices will fall.

Experts have been urging motorists to visit supermarkets when filling up with prices around 2.5p cheaper per litre, helping drivers stay on the road.

Many drivers have been using “hypermiling” or fuel-saving techniques to reduce their bills when at the filling station.

The expert continued, saying that the impact of a dirty car also affects the total weight of the vehicle, further affecting the fuel economy.

Graham Conway added: “So as motorists continue to battle with the cost of living crisis, keeping their vehicle clean will most likely help to save on fuel costs since dirty surfaces limit airflow and increase friction for a lower mpg rating.

“As the dark winter nights draw in, it is also recommended to keep your windscreen clean and smear-free to avoid potentially blinding glare from the headlights of other motorists.”

Further warnings have been given in response to the changing weather and the winter temperatures setting in over recent weeks.

Millions of drivers may wake up and find their car covered in condensation and frost, with some drivers potentially seeing snow in the coming months.

Motorists can be charged with careless driving if their windscreen isn’t clear and they are involved in an accident, even if it isn’t their fault.

This is especially common for people doing their normal morning commute when it’s cold, as they may only clear a small amount of their windscreen to see the road ahead.


A dirty car

A dirty car can increase fuel consumption


However, creating such a “porthole” can lead to accidents and even fines if they do not have a proper view of the road and other road users ahead of them.

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