Drivers warned of £100 fine and licence points for not clearing windscreen frost

Clearing windscreen frost

With temperatures falling, fines could become more common

Felix Reeves

By Felix Reeves

Published: 16/10/2023

- 08:35

More serious punishments could be handed out if an accident were to occur

Experts have issued a warning to motorists about receving fines and licence points in the cold weather if they do not take action to clear their windscreens.

While the Met Office has not yet issued warnings for frost or ice, it has warned that local frost is possible with a chill setting in.

Motorists may be waking up this week to frosted windscreens before they head to work, adding another headache to the morning commute.

Some drivers may not clear their windows and windscreens completely and instead leave a “porthole”.

WATCH NOW: Cold temperatures starting to set in

This is where a driver will clear enough of the screen for them to see, but not clear the whole window, leaving them with blind spots in their vision of the road ahead of them.

Ben Pitcher, owner of DPFexperts, has warned drivers that they could face fines for not clearing their windscreens on a cold and frosty day.

He said: “In most cases, you may receive a Fixed Penalty Notice (FPN) of £60 if your windscreen is not adequately cleared of frost or ice.

“This can rise to £100 if you don't pay within a specified timeframe.”

Motorists can also be hit with penalty points on their driving licence if the lack of visibility through the windscreen or side mirrors is affecting their driving.

If a driver racks up more than 12 points within three years, they could have their licence taken away from them.

In more severe cases, drivers could be hit with stronger consequences if a lack of visibility causes an accident or endangers lives.

Ben Pitcher added: “Preventing frost damage to your car windscreen is not only essential for safety but also to avoid costly fines.

“By taking proactive measures like using windscreen covers, applying de-icing solutions, and parking your car in a garage, you can ensure your windscreen remains clear and maintain good visibility when frost occurs.

“Remember, adhering to these precautions not only keeps you and others safe but also helps you avoid legal consequences and financial penalties.”

Some of the best methods to clear frost and potentially ice and snow from their cars is to use a windscreen cover the night before, saving them a lot of time and effort in the morning.

Similarly, drivers who park in a garage or covered area may be more likely to avoid seeing frost set in every morning, helping them avoid any fines or points.

Ben Pitcher also suggested that drivers keep their windscreen wipers upright the night before to prevent them from freezing in place.

If they forget to do this the night before, drivers should lift them up gently after applying de-icer to ensure they are not stuck to the windscreen when they set off.


Woman clearing windscreen frost

Drivers will face falling temperatures over the coming weeks


The Met Office has issued three yellow weather warnings for Thursday, Friday and Saturday, although they are related to rain in Scotland.

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