The ideal number of minutes to walk every day for 'fast' weight loss and belly fat reduction - 'if you're consistent with it'

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A daily walk could do wonders for your waistline

Anna Barry

By Anna Barry

Published: 10/07/2024

- 14:59

Dedicating 30 minutes per day to an outdoor walk could reap major results

When it comes to losing weight, belly fat can feel particularly stubborn, but it's possible to ditch it with a few lifestyle habits.

A nutritionist pointed to exercise as a crucial strategy, advising slimmers to walk for 30 minutes per day.

Autumn Bates shared how to lose belly fat "fast". She gave three tips for beginners who may be just starting out on their weight loss journey.

The expert recommended partaking in a 30-minute daily walk, upping your protein intake, and cutting out snacks.

Britons can also make dietician-approved food and drink changes to lose weight effectively.

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'30 minutes of walking every single day can be really beneficial for tapping into fat-burning mechanisms'


She said: "This combo helps to reduce the storing hormone insulin - especially between meals - which then allows the body to shift back and forth from burning fats to carbohydrates as fuel.

"This is called metabolic flexibility and in order to actually burn belly fat, your body needs to know how to burn fat as fuel.

"When insulin is low, that's when it's tapping into those fat-burning mechanisms of lipolysis."

The diet experts at SuperSmart described lipolysis as "the body’s mechanism for breaking down fats to make them absorbable and usable".

Autumn's three basic weight loss tips also help to "naturally reduce the stress hormone cortisol". She explained that "high levels of cortisol are directly tied to weight gain around the belly".

The nutritionist stressed the importance of taking a 30-minute daily walk for ultimate weight loss benefits.

She recommended taking a walk outside if possible to really help lower cortisol levels, although indoor walks on a treadmill will also reap results.

Autumn continued: "Getting 30 minutes of walking every single day can actually be really beneficial for tapping into fat-burning mechanisms if you are consistent with it."

According to the expert, consistency truly is key. Enjoying a 30-minute walk three or four times per week is simply not as beneficial as turning it into a daily habit.

For those who want to try some more advanced workouts, a personal trainer shared the three staple exercises that will "really burn some calories".

Another "crucial" beginner's strategy for losing excess belly fat is upping your protein intake.

The expert told slimmers to focus on high-quality proteins. She recommended "complete sources" including eggs, Greek yoghurt, meat, chicken and fish. Two or three of your daily meals should have adequate amounts of protein for results.


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Consistency is key: A 30-minute walk a few times per week will not have the same benefits as a daily walk


Last, the expert recommended that slimmers curtail their snacking. Doing this will give their bodies the chance to lower insulin levels and "turn on fat burning".

Filling up on protein-rich breakfasts, lunches and dinners will help feeling satiated between meals and less inclined to reach for nibbles.

Britons have also been told they can lose weight for good by ditching an "addictive" ingredient.

Another hack for feeling fuller for longer is adding collagen-rich foods to meals. Citrus fruits, fish, chicken, eggs, bone broth, berries, garlic, leafy greens, hazelnuts and broccoli are all collagen-supporting foods to incorporate into your diet.

An expert spoke to GB News about the "best sources" of dietary collagen to delay the appearance of wrinkles and sagging.

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