Britain's weight loss success stories: 'I lost more than 5.1st in 34 weeks and credit one low-impact exercise for my results'

Samantha before and After

Samantha credits walking for her impressive weight loss

Solen Le Net

By Solen Le Net

Published: 10/07/2024

- 08:00

Updated: 11/07/2024

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GB News is sharing Britain's most inspiring weight loss transformations and the exercise regimes that enabled them. This week, a Briton lifted the lid on three lifestyle changes that completely transformed her body at 54.

Long-term weight loss demands that slimmers transform various aspects of their day-to-day lifestyle.

It requires even more dedication when age is thrown into the mix, as hormonal imbalances can hinder even the most arduous efforts.

Samantha MacKenzie embarked on her journey while on holiday at 54 years old, when she started with a daily walking goal of 10,000 steps. Weeks later, the slimmer signed up to Ultimate Performance's fitness programme.

She has since shed an impressive 33 kilos in 34 weeks by making just a few changes to her daily routine.

\u200bSamantha MacKenzie before and after

Samantha shed more than five stone in 43 weeks


She explained during a conversation with GB News that upping her protein intake and walking regularly were instrumental to her transformation.

“I created a calorie deficit to start losing weight, ensured I walked 10,000 steps daily and incorporated weight training three times a week,” she said.

“Combining these three elements significantly transformed my mindset. I moved more and focussed on my diet by tracking food intake, monitoring portion sizes and making smarter food choices to manage my hunger."

Samantha's exercise strategy:

Physical activity is crucial for weight loss because it increases how many calories the body burns.

Walking is particularly beneficial because of its low-impact nature, which allows longer periods of movement than is possible with more strenuous workouts like running.

"I didn’t have to run a marathon or do burpees or a HIIT class," noted Samantha. "I just walked, strength training and started a yoga class to help with my mindset and flexibility.

“My increased activity included morning walks and walking the dog to hit my daily 10,000 steps."

Samantha’s dietary approach:

Weight loss diets are wide-ranging and in many cases confusing. But following a few basic rules can prove game-changing.

In Samantha's case, this involved upping her intake of protein, vegetables, and fruit.

“No crisps, cakes, biscuits, for example," said Samantha. "I increased my protein from various sources, meat, fish, Greek yoghurt, and cottage cheese.

“I already avoided a lot of processed foods but really tried my best to cut them out as much as possible.

“I always checked the label for ingredients, calories, fat, and sugars and made a decision if it was a good product or not."


Samantha before and after

Strength training and walking fuelled Samantha's weight loss


Samantha's drinking habits:

Beverages have all sorts of purported benefits for weight loss. Water may be the most waistline-friendly option, however.

Medical experts at Healthline explain that the drink is 100% calorie-free, helps burn more calories and helps suppress appetite when consumed before meals.

“I drank at least three litres of water daily and avoided easy, unhealthy choices like canned drinks and sugary options," said Sam.

“I did have some protein shakes initially but eventually swapped them out for choices that were better for volume to keep me full for longer.

The Briton also credits food tracking apps as they helped evaluate her food choices, introducing a sense of accountability.

"I weighed myself regularly again to keep myself accountable and see if I was losing too fast, I had plateaued or was putting weight on again so I could again so I could adjust things as necessary."

When asked what advice Samantha would volunteer to other slimmers, she shared her biggest lesson; “move, move, move”.

“You do have time to fit 10K steps,” she explained. “It takes an hour, get up earlier and do that walk.

“After you have eaten, go for a walk and don’t sit on social media or in front of the TV. Break it down, do 10 minutes here and there. Believe me, you can do those steps.”

After 34 weeks of unwavering dedication, Samantha has noticed her clothes no longer fit her and has had to invest in a new wardrobe.

“My jeans feel loser, my skin looks better, my walk is faster, my joints don’t ache as much, waking up earlier and walking in the sunshine listening to a podcast, buying a new outfit and feeling more confident and happier about it," she shared.

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