Get fit with GBN: Best workout to burn body fat - five moves and diet tips from fitness experts to blast fat

Woman in gym gear / class doing squats

Five moves can help you to burn fat

Sarra Gray

By Sarra Gray

Published: 24/04/2024

- 07:00

GB News is giving you the best workout plans and diet advice to help burn fat and transform your body. This week, we look at the best moves to burn fat from your entire body, including how to blast belly fat

It is all well and good to workout your muscles in the gym, but your results won't be visible if hidden beneath layers of fat.

GB News has exclusively shared how to tone your legs and how to build strong arms, and now we reveal the best workout moves to blast fat from your entire body and help you show off the muscles underneath.

Slimmers need to pair exercise with a good diet plan to really see the fat melt off the body.

But when it comes to burning calories in the gym, fitness expert and community lead at SQUATWOLF Muhammad Mustafa told GB News five moves that will supercharge your results.

Woman burpee

Burpees are an effective fat-burning exercise


People doing squats

Squats are a good way to burn calories


Workout plan to burn fat

Muhammad said: "To burn fat, it's all about combining effective exercises with the right nutrition. Here are my top five exercises you can crush at the gym or at home."


"A full-body workout that boosts your metabolism like no other."

Begin standing up before squatting down and putting your hands on the floor. Jump your legs back into a plank position before returning your feet to your hands and standing up again. You can end by exploding into a jump with your arms overhead.

Jump squats

"These elevate your heart rate, enhancing calorie burn."

Start in a squat position then explode upwards into the air, with arms overhead. Land softly and sink back into a squat before starting again.

Mountain climbers

"Great for building cardio endurance and core strength."

Get into a plank position with your hands under your shoulders. Bring one knee towards your chest, quickly switching legs in a running motion.

Kettlebell swings

"Target multiple muscle groups and increase heart rate."

Grab a kettlebell and stand with your legs shoulder-width apart, holding the weight between your legs.

Hinge forward at the hips and swing the kettlebell up in front of the shoulders, using your legs to push the weight.

Bicycle crunches

"Excellent for engaging multiple muscle groups while focusing on the core."

Lie with your hands behind your head and legs raised in a 90-degree angle. Bring your left elbow to your right knee while extending your left leg straight. Switch and repeat in a pedalling motion.

Mountain climbers

Mountain climbers are good for fat-burning

Kettlebell swing

​Kettlebell swings work the leg muscles 


Man doing bicycle crunchesBicycle crunches target the obliques and upper absGETTY

Best foods to burn fat

Muhammad continued: "For nutrition, focus on a balanced diet rich in proteins, whole grains and vegetables. Hydration and the timing of your meals can also play a crucial role in maximising your fat-burning potential. Remember, consistency is key both in workout and nutrition."


Doctor and author Dr Suzanne J. Ferree shared four food tips people should follow if they are trying to burn fat or stay in good shape.

She echoed the importance of protein for weight loss. High-protein foods have been shown to reduce appetite, meaning people are less likely to overeat between meals.

Some studies also suggest a high-protein diet can speed up the metabolism, helping the body to burn fat more quickly.

Foods high in protein include meat, fish, dairy, eggs, tofu, nuts and seeds. There are also various protein supplements available on the market.

Dr Ferree said: "Ensure you get at least one gram of protein per pound of lean body mass per day."

She also advised ditching processed foods and liquid calories, and instead filling up on healthy vegetables.

"Restrict processed foods such as anything that comes in a box, can or wrapper to once a day," the expert continued.

"Eating vegetables with every meal also helps. Add arugula or onions to your omelette. Or have a baked egg muffin with ground veggies.

"Limit liquid calories such as coffee creamer, alcohol, soft drinks, juices, salad dressing and sauces."

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