Petrol and diesel drivers urged to visit fuel stations before Tesco Clubcard offer expires tomorrow

Petrol and diesel drivers urged to visit fuel stations before Tesco Clubcard offer expires tomorrow

WATCH: Motorists to see HUGE diesel and petrol price rises amidst global tensions

Felix Reeves

By Felix Reeves

Published: 24/02/2024

- 10:00

Tesco has the lowest average fuel price compared to other major supermarkets

Drivers are being urged to take action at Tesco petrol stations before the end of a major offer tomorrow which could see them benefit massively.

At the start of the year, supermarket giant Tesco announced that it would be running a new offer allowing drivers to collect double Clubcard points when they shop.

Drivers are able to collect one point for every two litres of fuel they buy at the pumps at Tesco filling stations, although the scheme ends tomorrow – February 25.

If drivers use Tesco Bank, the number of points they collect will also depend on whether they use their Tesco Bank card to collect points for fuel, to pay for fuel, or both.

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Tesco petrol station

Drivers can also receive double points when filling up with petrol or diesel


Drivers visiting Esso petrol stations with a Tesco Express will be required to spend £3 on fuel to collect one point.

Emma Botton, Tesco Group Customer Director, spoke at the time about how drivers could “do with a little boost”, adding that it’s the “best value”.

However, drivers looking to combine the Clubcard offer with Halfords Motoring Club will not receive any extra points.

According to the latest from RAC Fuel Watch, the average price of petrol at Tesco filling stations is 142.1p per litre, 0.4p cheaper than the supermarket average.

Drivers who shop around could find prices as low as 134.9p per litre or as expensive as 143.9p, although this is far cheaper than other major supermarkets.

Tesco also comes on the lower end for their diesel sales. The average cost of diesel is 0.5p cheaper than the supermarket average and is over a penny cheaper per litre than Asda.

Supermarkets often have the cheapest petrol and diesel rates compared to other major retailers given the amount of fuel they purchase and the competition they face.

Tesco also called on motorists to spend their Clubcard points before they run out on February 29.

The supermarket said more than £18million worth of Clubcard vouchers would expire at the end of the month.

People can use these points to bring down the cost of their weekly shop, a tank of petrol or even a Tesco Mobile deal.

Emma Botton said: “Household budgets are still under pressure, and we want to help them stretch further.

“Tesco Clubcard continues to be the best way to get great value, and with more than £18million worth of vouchers due to expire at the end of the month, we’re reminding customers to spend them now.”


Tesco Clubcard

The Clubcard double points offer ends tomorrow


While drivers have been used to falling petrol and diesel rates since the summer of 2022 when record-breaking prices were seen, costs at the pump have risen again.

Experts have blamed global tensions including the war in Ukraine, the Israel-Palestine conflict and attacks from Houthi rebels in the Red Sea as being key contributors to the rising costs.

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