Bonfire night warning: Britons warned of 'incredibly harmful' material you should never burn

People at bonfire

Experts gave a safety warning for bonfires

Sarra Gray

By Sarra Gray

Published: 04/11/2023

- 07:01

Bonfire night celebrations will take place this weekend but experts have shared a word of caution

Guy Fawkes Night, also known as bonfire night or fireworks night, falls tomorrow on November 5.

Many Britons will take to their gardens and local parks to enjoy festivities.

Whether lighting a bonfire or setting off fireworks, Britons should take extra care.

Experts have shared the possible health risks homeowners should beware of when it comes to bonfires.

Bonfire night fireworks display

Fireworks displays will take place across the UK this weekend


​There are thousands of injuries each year both from the fire and fireworks and the fumes bonfires can let off, experts at Logs Direct explained.

They shared the materials you should never burn as these can be "incredibly harmful".

In particular, the experts advised homeowners to steer clear of wood that has been painted or varnished.

They said: "Wood with varnished or painted finishes cannot be burnt.

"When it burns, it releases PM 2.5, which are very small particulates, into the air as you stand around breathing in.

"These particulates can be taken into your lungs and can be incredibly harmful to your health."

If hosting any bonfire night activities, it is wise to keep up-to-date with the latest Government advice on what is allowed and the best practice.

People at bonfire

Some materials should never be put in a bonfire


The experts continued: "You should keep yourself updated on new laws marked out by the UK Government, which confirm what happens when the fumes are released."

Darker nights and events such as fireworks night can put Britons at higher risk of burglaries.

Experts shared how to protect your home from break ins.

This can be done with a quick home improvement burglars "don't like".

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