'Women weren't offended!' Andrew Pierce hits out at Ladies Day being canned at Cheltenham

'Women weren't offended!' Andrew Pierce hits out at Ladies Day being canned at Cheltenham

‘I HATE this wokeness!’ Mike Parry fumes as Cheltenham Festival ditches Ladies Day

Ben Chapman

By Ben Chapman

Published: 13/03/2024

- 12:57

'Style Wednesday' has come in place of Ladies Day

  • The iconic Ladies Day has undergone a rebrand at the iconic racing festival
  • Mike Parry insists the day was a 'celebration' of women and not demeaning
  • Do you agree with the changes made by Cheltenham Festival? Join the debate below

Andrew Pierce has lamented the decision to rebrand Ladies Day at Cheltenham in the name of inclusivity.

Instead of marketing its second day as being for ‘ladies’, the racing festival has gone all-out to promote ‘Style Wednesday’.

Speaking on GB News, Andrew hit out at the move and insisted women “weren’t offended” by the centuries-old tradition.

“Ladies Day, the royals are always there, the Queen Mother never missed it”, he said.

Andrew Pierce and a photo from Ladies Day

Andrew Pierce says women 'weren't offended' by Ladies Day


“Why the word style? Where did they pluck that from?

“I would have kept Ladies Day. I don’t think women were offended by this.”


A GB News panel comprised of Andrew himself and his co-host, Bev Turner, broadcaster Mike Parry and ex-Labour MP Stephen Pound were locked in debate on the matter.

Bev argued that perhaps the term Ladies Day was outdated and ditching it could be less patronising for women in attendance at the sporting festival.

Parry hit back, arguing that the day is a “celebration” of women.

“Women always have to think, ‘do I look okay?’, I’m alright to share that responsibility with the men”, Bev commented.

Mike Parry, Andrew Pierce, Bev Turner and Stephen Pound

The story sparked debate on GB News


Mike Parry

Mike Parry believes the event is a celebration of women


She asked: “Should they have had Ladies Day and perhaps tomorrow is Men’s Day?”

Parry quickly refuted the idea, blasting “I hate this wokeness” as he bemoaned the state of play at the iconic racing event.

“The racing event is largely dominated by men and this is a tribute to the ladies who make the race meetings so much better and finer by coming in their beautiful dresses and clothes”, he said.

Pound disagreed, saying women are beginning to establish themselves more in the sport as competitors and a Ladies Day is there not required.

“I think the clock has moved forward in that regard”, he asserted.

Bev agreed, arguing “we can’t just be there to adorn the occasion”.

But Ladies Day is more about emboldening women, according to Mike Parry, who hit back at the sentiments put forward by both Bev and Pound.

“Please remember that this is a day of great, powerful women”, he argued.

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