A beautiful British seaside town among top 10 healthiest places in the world - full list


Plymouth was the highest ranking UK city

Sarra Gray

By Sarra Gray

Published: 27/11/2023

- 10:10

The healthiest cities in the world have been shared with some places in the UK making the list

The cities with the best quality of life and overall health have been shared.

This is based on a range of things including life expectancy, adult obesity levels, air quality and happiness score.

The average hours worked, the cost of water and a gym membership, and the number of 'nature and parks' listed on Tripadvisor were also taken into consideration.

A total of 58 countries from across the world were analysed in the research by Lenstore.


Glasgow made the top 20 list


Amsterdam and Vienna were in the top spots, with an overall healthy living percentage of 78 per cent.

Plymouth was the highest ranking UK city at number 9 on the list with a total of 442 points out of 684.

It ranked highly in air and water quality (73.81 and 76.39 respectively) and also had a high happiness score of 56 out of 100.

Plymouth has a high life expectancy of 81.77 years.

This was followed by a number of British cities that made the top 20, including Sheffield, Cardiff, Belfast and Glasgow.

The 20 healthiest cities in the world

1. Amsterdam - 78 per cent

2. Vienna - 78 per cent

3. Geneva - 72 per cent

4. Helsinki - 71 per cent

5. Stockholm - 70 per cent

6. Zurich - 69 per cent

7. Frankfurt - 67 per cent

8. Copenhagen - 66 per cent

9. Plymouth - 65 per cent

10. Norwich - 63 per cent

11. Sheffield - 63 per cent

12. Cardiff - 62 per cent

13. Berlin - 62 per cent

14. Madrid - 61 per cent

15. Belfast - 60 per cent

16. Hull - 59 per cent

17. Liverpool - 59 per cent

18. Buenos Aires - 58 per cent

19. Sydney - 57 per cent

20. Glasgow - 57 per cent

Amsterdam bridge

Amsterdam took the top spot


Other major UK cities did not do as well. London ranked 36th overall and it was let down by the high average cost of a gym membership (£47.89) and the small number of parks and green space per capita (0.03 per 10,000 residents).

Manchester was the UK's worst performing city and took the 43rd place overall. It also had a low number of parks and green space (0.01 per 10,000 residents) and a moderate air and water quality (49.55 and 37.5 respectively).

The average life expectancy plays a huge part in the health of a city.

A doctor shared the five supplements that can help Britons to live longer.

This included multivitamins, collagen and Omega-3 fatty acids.

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