Sharron Davies welcomes change to NHS constitution saying ‘it is INSULTING to be called a chest feeder’

Sharron Davies welcomes change to NHS constitution saying ‘it is INSULTING to be called a chest feeder’
Gabrielle Wilde

By Gabrielle Wilde

Published: 01/05/2024

- 07:17

Maternity services in the UK were previously told to swap the term “breastfeeding” for phrases such as “chestfeeding” or “infantfeeding”

Campaigner Sharron Davies has welcomed the news that the NHS will be declaring that sex is a matter of biology and said that phrases like ‘chestfeeding’ are ‘insulting’.

Speaking on GB News, Sharron Davies said: “I think this is all about fact and truth and biological sex is a fact. There are only male and females, there are only two gametes, large and small, and human beings cannot change their sex.

“So, it's not kind to anybody to tell young children in particular that isn't the case. I think we just have to be honest and in things like medicine where it's really important that we are checking a male for prostate cancer and we're checking a female for cervical or ovarian cancer, that we know what sex people actually are.

“And obviously in a physical activity like sport, it's really important that we can categorize that by sex. And so therefore we have female races so that 51% of the world's population get to have those opportunities.

“51% of the population in this country are female, and women's rights at the moment have been under attack constantly, whether that's with regards to dignity and safe spaces, whether that's with regards to the loss of their language.

“It's insulting to be called a chest feeder. And this didn't happen to men, it only happened to women. It was only women's language that was attacked.

“So it's almost unbelievably disingenuous to say that only affects a small number of people; it affects a huge number of women, how they are referred to and whether they get equal opportunities and dignity and safety in their private spaces.

“This comes down to safety because we know figures wise, that sexual offences 98% are by men so it's females that need that protected space.

“The NHS is under unbelievable stress and strain in every single direction. But I think women are quite frightened at the moment and quite scared when they go into those sorts of places, they can't say, ‘please, I would like a female doctor, I would like a female carer.’

“I know of horrendous stories of people who have been physically and verbally assaulted because they just said, I would like a female to tend to me, please.

“We've got to be able to have this open, respectful debate for both sides, for everybody.

“I think we've had to add this word ‘biological’ because sex has been hijacked. It's the same with the Equality Act of 2010. The word sex is protected so we can have sex discrimination and court cases and women can be protected.

“But that word has been muzzled and sabotaged, so to bring the word back to biological sex, that means that everyone understands exactly what that is. That's the biological reality of males and females. And if that's what we need to do to bring clarity, then that's what we need to do.

“I'm very pleased that we've had this move today. I'm very pleased that the Cass report has come out that we're actually being able to look at statistics and we'll be able to say, we need to take care of our vulnerable young children who are being potentially influenced by something when they've been sold a lie.

“They've been told that it’s a quick fix, which in the long term is not going to do them any good. And we can see by the number of autistic children, the number of children from vulnerable backgrounds that they're massively over represented in the trans community. So that's not that's not normal.

“I think what we've not been able to do for quite a long time is to have that open, respectful, factual debate, because for a long time Stonewall’s agenda was to close that down with the no debate agenda that they had.

“And that's certainly applied to sport. The moment you say, ‘Look at the stats. Can we look at the peer reviewed science’ we literally were just called names and it made anyone's life horrendous who wants to just to say, can we have fairness and honesty?

“I think we have to move forward where we can be 100% honest and we can try to help everybody and that's young females, sports people, transgender people. That's all of us. We can live together. We should be able to live together and I'm sure we can.”


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