Find out how healthy you REALLY are on a scale of 1 to 10: New NHS test reveals all - 'Absolutely brutal!'

People taking the quiz are asked how they are currently feeling
People taking the quiz are asked how they are currently feeling
Image: NHS
Ben Chapman

By Ben Chapman

Published: 03/02/2023

- 17:46

People taking the NHS quiz have been left reeling by scathing feedback

The NHS’ ‘How Are You?’ Health Quiz has prompted controversy as a result of its brutally honest nature as Brits look to adopt better habits in 2023.

The ruthless feedback is generated from the answers of a series of questions in a bid to give those of us struggling with our health a few pointers.

The opening of the quiz asks how you are feeling right now, which can be answered by using interactive sliding scales.

The options on offer include “totally wound up” and “feeling calm”, as well as “really knackered” and “full of beans”.

Other scales look into how well you are sleeping, as well as how fit you currently area, along with your stress levels.

The next stage of the quiz asks “what’s stopping you from taking care of yourself?”

Those filling out the quiz are given options including lack of money, time, disability and others.

Users are asked what stops them taking care of themselves
Users are asked what stops them taking care of themselves
Image: NHS

The user is then asked what their top three health priorities are, including fitting into your jeans, remaining independent and staying sharp.

Advice is then offered about your general well-being.

The diet section is next, where the user is quizzed over which choice would be made regarding drinks, potatoes, breakfast cereal, cheese and meat.

You are then asked what snacks you would typically consume throughout the day, before your results are given in detail.

The results page reads: "Around 40 per cent of deaths in England are directly related to behaviour. You've told us a bit about your lifestyle - what you eat and drink, whether you smoke and how much exercise you take.

"These are all things that have a big impact on your health, and they're also the reason you scored X out of 10.

The quiz asks: 'Who depends on you being healthy?'
The quiz asks: 'Who depends on you being healthy?'
Image: GB News

"You can see below whether you're Red, Amber or Green in each - and what you should do to improve."

Some have taken to social media to vent their frustration at the brutal quiz.

One user commented on Twitter: "For those of you feeling great after ‘dry January’ or a month of diet success or those who made no changes like me; I give you The NHS ‘How Are You?’ Quiz.

"I’m not the skinniest Minnie but the responses to my answers were amusing..."

Another user was left reeling by her “rock bottom” result, saying: "took the NHS how are you quiz out of curiosity and... sad."

The quiz adds a disclaimer reminding participants: "This is just an indication of how you’re doing against guidelines for certain behaviours based on your answers.

"It’s not a medical diagnosis.

"To discuss it properly or if you’re worried about your health you should speak to a health professional like a Pharmacist, Practice Nurse or GP."

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