‘Load of claptrap!’ Fat Families host blames woke culture for obesity crisis as Britain shells out eye-watering £98bn a year

‘Load of claptrap!’ Fat Families host blames woke culture for obesity crisis as Britain shells out eye-watering £98bn a year

Britain is a 'nation of chubsters', according to Steve Miller

Ben Chapman

By Ben Chapman

Published: 04/12/2023

- 17:00

Updated: 05/12/2023

- 07:49

Steve Miller believes obesity is being 'normalised'

Fat Families host Steve Miller has attributed the eye-watering cost of obesity to the UK economy to woke culture.

Speaking on GB News, he lamented the modern trend of obesity being “normalised” amid reports the health condition is costing the economy £98billion.

But instead of imposing a fat tax on Britons, Miller believes there are cultural resolutions that can be used to help deal with Britain’s bulging waistline.

“From my experience, the vast majority of people are too fat because they don’t have the self motivation”, he said.

A set of scales and Steve Miller

Steve Miller blames woke culture for obesity


“There’s a lot of talk about fat tax, but it was a complete and utter disaster in Denmark. It increased inflation.

“80 per cent of people had not changed their eating habits for the better, it was a flop. Frankly, the last thing the British public needs is more tax from this lot.


An obese man eating a burger

Obesity is costing Britain an eye-watering £98bn a year


“They’re high on woke and high on tax. I would get rid of all this woke culture.

“On a positive, I would partner with supermarkets to close the excuse that it is too expensive to eat healthily, that is a load of baloney if you look deep.

“I would also get rid of all this plus-size modelling claptrap where if you’re happy and you’re fat you clap your hands.”

According to figures seen by The Times, the total cost of obesity is estimated to be a shocking £98billion.

Obesity-related illness is estimated to be costing the NHS £19.2billion a year with productivity losses at around £15.1billion.

The added £63billion is said to have emerged as a result of Britons leaving shorter, unhealthier lives.

A ban on junk food adverts after 9pm and buy-one-get-one-free deals on unhealthy foods have long been in the offing but met with delays.

The Government has spoke out on efforts to tackle obesity in the past, with ex-Prime Minister Boris Johnson set to raise the issue at the Covid Inquiry.

Johnson is expected to claim the Government was already at a disadvantage as a result of the country’s health struggles.

The Telegraph reported Johnson is also expected to issue a blanket apology for Government errors.

A Department of Health spokesman insisted the Government is “taking firm action to tackle obesity”.

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