BBC The Repair Shop's Jay Blades emotional as Richard Talman takes on 'great responsibility' repair

The Repair Shop

Jay Blades become emotional during the reveal

Lauren Williams

By Lauren Williams

Published: 10/07/2024

- 21:06

Blades has been at the helm of the BBC series since 2017

The Repair Shop's Jay Blades was left visibly emotional during a classic episode of the BBC series which aired tonight, after a guest told the heartbreaking story of his partner's death.

Guest, David, walked into the barn with his late partner's ring which accidentally fell into his fire and unfortunately left the charms to perish.

Placing the piece of jewellery on the table, David explained: "That ring belonged to Caroline and she was my partner for 20 years. She wore it on her wedding finger and we never got around to getting married but she loved that little ring.

"She passed away in 2020 and that was a hell of a shock to us all really. She was always giving and never taking.

"She was such a lovely person and I loved her to bits. It was her heart that got to her in the end, she died from a heart attack.

"The last words I ever said to her was 'I love you so much', and she said to me 'I love you too', and that was the last time I ever talked to her, next thing she was in the hospital and she died about five minutes before we got there."

The Repair Shop

David was left gobsmacked when he saw his wife's ring


Touching on how he managed to lose the ring, he said: "I was sure I put it on my finger, I used to wear it and it was a little bit loose, and I took the dog for a walk up to the graveside and I come back and couldn't find it.

"I thought have I put it somewhere safe I stripped the house, and no jewellery.

"Then on her birthday, I felt really bad and I thought I have got to carry on and clear her things, so cleared out the fire and I went through all that and what should I find on her birthday.

"You got your work cut out for you Richard."

The Repair Shop

David kissed the ring when he first saw it


Taking the ring away, Talman got to work and noted: "It is certainly tarnished and scarred the outer part of it but the actual structure is still there thankfully.

"This obviously means a great deal to David and it is going to be a great responsibility to get it back to how he remembers it. I am really shocked it hasn't melted."

After putting his heart and soul into the repair and wanting to bring back the memory of Caroline, it was time for David to return to the barn and pick up the ring.

Unveiling his treasure, David was immediately moved and emotionally expressed: "Wow! Crickey. Can I pick it up? Isn't that beautiful, so pretty! Oh, that is absolutely gorgeous, thank you so much!"

The Repair Shop

David looked up to his wife in celebration


He kissed the ring and looked up into the sky before noting: "Here Caroline, we got it back for you girl!" leaving Blades to become emotional.

"I am taken for words, you have done a great job mate," David continued. "Thank you so much, this has been the best day since Caroline past away 18 months ago."

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