Richard Hammond fears being 'cancelled' as he shares story about F1 legend Stirling Moss from 'bygone era'

Richard Hammond fears being 'cancelled' as he shares story about F1 legend Stirling Moss from 'bygone era'

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Alex Davies

By Alex Davies

Published: 28/02/2024

- 15:01

Updated: 28/02/2024

- 15:02

The Grand Tour host has shared a tale from his time working with the late racing car driver

Richard Hammond admitted he feared being "cancelled" on his all-new podcast as he reminisced about a time working with the late Formula 1 driver, Stirling Moss.

Moss died in 2020 aged 90 and had spent a career moulding himself into a legend to racing car fans across the globe.

Hammond and Moss's paths crossed a few years back at a work event, according to The Grand Tour star, as he spoke to another pro racing driver, Mark Blundell, on his podcast Who We Are Now alongside his daughter Izzy Hammond.

Together, the trio were discussing the perceptions of manliness and Hammond pointed out how Stirling and Blundell as well as James Hunt were the "pinnacles" of being a man.

Turning his attention directly to Moss, Hammond explained: "Quick Stirling Moss story, I did a documentary with him a few years ago - we lost him, was it last year?

"He was quite a little fella, my sort of height and we were at a book signing after a big live event we did..." Hammond went on to say before he realised his daughter appeared uneasy.

Richard Hammond and his daughter Izzy

Richard Hammond and his daughter Izzy have launched a new podcast together


The former Top Gear star joked: "I'm looking at Izzy now, she's already disapproving."

Delving back into his story about Moss, who was born in 1929, Hammond said: "He and I are sitting next to each other signing books and people are queuing up to have them signed..."

However, he stopped himself to reiterate: "This is a story from a bygone age, Izzy. If I'm cancelled for this I'm going to be really cross, but this was the age he came from."

He continued: "We were signing all the books and someone came over and said, 'Oh, Stirling, Richard, Miss Scotland would like to have a photograph with you.' We were like, 'Fine, no problem'.

Stirling Moss (left)

Stirling Moss (left) was a British racing icon


"And over tottered this statuesque, unbelievably beautiful girl in a conveniently, very short kilt.

"We both greet to our feet, stood on either side of her, barely coming up to her belly button, to be honest, had the photograph taken...

"And as he creaked back down to his seat, I heard him say, 'She's worth half an hour'."

Hammond let out a laugh before his daughter chipped back in and replied: "Oh, my God."

Richard Hammond and Stirling Moss

Richard Hammond and Stirling Moss worked together on a documentary


The Grand Tour star defended the tale as he remarked: "You've got to see where he was coming from with that!

"He wasn't predatory, but he was of an era where that's what you had to be to be a man."

Hammond and his daughter launched the podcast this week with its first three episodes and will return with a new instalment weekly.

Grand Tour co-star James May is ever set to appear in one episode in the near future, months after the pair filmed their final scenes alongside Jeremy Clarkson on the hit Amazon series.

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