Monty Don 'very sad' as he unveils 'pretty dramatic change' to home life amid BBC exit fears

Monty Don 'very sad' as he unveils 'pretty dramatic change' to home life amid BBC exit fears

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Alex Davies

By Alex Davies

Published: 12/12/2023

- 11:32

The horticulturist has shown off the aftermath of his drastic decision

Gardeners' World star Monty Don has taken to social media to reveal major change he's undertaken at his home.

The horticulturist has decided it's time to start afresh in one section of his garden and has ripped up his formerly picturesque box hedges.

Sharing a before and after post on both X and Instagram, the stark differences between the two pictures were plain to see.

What was once an eye-popping green array of precisely trimmed hedges has now been replaced by a bare plot of mud and dirt.

On X, formerly Twitter, Don explained the box hedges that once stood in his garden had been overcome with "blight for the past 10 years" - a plant disease caused by fungi.

Alongside the snaps, he shared his mixed bag of emotions in the accompanying posts.

Don penned: "Pretty dramatic change. Very sad but now the decision has been made it is also exciting."

The sentiment was echoed on Instagram where Don wrote: "Dramatic, shocking, sad but rich with potential."

Before long, a number of Don's followers reacted to his update, with some applauding his rather drastic decision.

One Instagram user wrote in response: "I don’t get the whole obsession with box hedges.

"I mean I do understand that it nostalgic, cultural etc. But they really are rather boring and dated from my perspective. Great you’re going to change this."

A second similarly applauded the change: "100% rich with soo much potential! One of the best things I took from your *evening with* was the idea of not grieving too much over big changes in the garden... It's a constant evolution."

And a third echoed: "Looks very different, but it’s a great space to work with, I look forward to seeing what you do with it! xx."

However, some understood the gravity of such a change, including one person who commented: "Must be a bit heartbreaking to resort to such drastic actions but as you say opens up a lot of potential." (sic)

Monty Don and his dog Nell

Monty Don regularly shares updates about his pet pooches on social media as well


The change to his garden will undoubtedly keep Don busy at home as he juggles his own garden's needs with his duties on Gardeners' World.

However, fans may need to prepare to see less of Don on the long-running nature show as he recently spoke out about his future on the program.

"I'm contracted for another year anyway, if they offered me a bit more than that, I might well take that. But the serious point is, I will be 70 in two years' time," he told Times Radio.

"I want to go on, I like making television programmes, I like writing books. To have the energy to do that, and to not scrabble, there's always that sense of scrabbling, I think I have to give something up. So therefore the logical thing to give up is Gardeners' World."

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