Helen Skelton supports emotional Channel 5 co-star as they fight tears over heartbreaking family loss

Helen Skelton supports emotional Channel 5 co-star as they fight tears over heartbreaking family loss

WATCH NOW: Helen Skelton supports Jules Hudson after 'difficult year'

Alex Davies

By Alex Davies

Published: 12/12/2023

- 10:57

Helen Skelton and Jules Hudson returned for a festive edition of Winter on the Farm

Helen Skelton consoled an emotional Jules Hudson during Monday's Winter on the Farm on Monday when he opened up on the loss of his father and two pet Labradors.

Hudson opened up about struggling to properly grieve over his father Clifford who died a year ago before admitting he also battles coming to terms with the loss of his beloved pooches who died of cancer.

Skelton put a supportive arm around her co-star during Monday's live episode ahead of a segment where Hudson went for a bit of "woodland walk therapy" after a "difficult year".

Candidly opening up about his loss, Hudson told Channel 5 viewers during a pre-recorded segment in the forest: "This has been quite a year for me in one way or another.

"My father died almost a year to the day today and I don't think I ever really quite come to terms with that or really grieved."

He continued: "And one of the last times I came here, I had my youngest Labrador Teddy with me... Teddy's now no longer with us either.

Helen Skelton

Helen Skelton showed her support for Jules Hudson on Monday's Winter on the Farm


"I found myself today almost looking around for him. We just keep going and we look to the sun and we look to the next sunrise," Hudson said as he tried to remain positive.

After the segment concluded, the cameras returned to Skelton and Hudson at Cannon Hall Farm where the 53-year-old was visibly emotional.

As Hudson struggled to fight back tears, Skelton showed her support as she told her co-star: "I'm so sorry for your loss.

"I'm so sorry as your friends... as adults you don't sit down and talk about this stuff... because you're a stiff upper lip kind of guy."

Referring to the pre-recorded segment, Skelton asked: "How important was that day, how important is nature in that time of your life?"

Hudson replied: "It's funny, watching it back I realise how emotional I was actually. And I think distraction is what we do, isn't it?

"We just put everything off, we put it to the back of our minds.

"But getting back out into nature wherever you can get to, and letting it surface and to confront it and to enjoy the memories of those that you missed and that you lost and give them the time they deserve. It was a really important day."

Messages of condolence and praise for his composure also flooded in on social media, with several of Hudson's Instagram followers sharing their messages on his latest post from the farm.

One Instagram user commented: "So sorry for your loss, absolutely love watching this series."

A second weighed in: "I could very much resonate with your feature on Shinrin Yoku, & you have inspired me to do this more often. My Dad passed away 2 years ago & I’m still in that bubble of disbelief... I’m so sorry for your loss & I look forward to watching this week’s series."

Another added: "So sorry to hear of your loss during this year, I myself have lost my father and only brother. So glad to see you presenting the show brilliantly with @helenskelton and the lads, such a great watch thank you and best wishes to you all."

"Just the tonic I needed… wholesome programme. So sorry for your loss," a fourth said while a fifth echoed: "Hi @thejuleshudson - heard on Winter on the Farm that you’ve had a tough year - so have I and our family - so just to say thinking of you and hope you’re getting there! Sorry about your dad and Teddy." (sic)

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