Michael McIntyre's The Wheel in 'fix' row as fans blast 'fundamental flaw' in BBC show's format

Michael McIntyre's The Wheel in 'fix' row as fans blast 'fundamental flaw' in BBC show's format

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Alex Davies

By Alex Davies

Published: 09/03/2024

- 20:37

A number of BBC viewers were left raging with the quiz show on Saturday night

Michael McIntyre's The Wheel has found itself at the centre of controversy following its latest episode on Saturday evening.

The show sees budding quizzers who are hoping to line their pockets with cash call on the help of seven famous faces in a series of categories - although the celeb is chosen for them at random as the wheel they're sat on spins around.

It isn't just the celebs who are chosen to help with the brainteasers at random as once a contestant gets a question wrong, they face a nervous wait to see if they or two other members of the public will be next up to continue with the show.

On Saturday, the three contestants hoping to pocket thousands of pounds were Salvatore from Bristol, Harbi from London and Jess from North Somerset.

Jess was the first contestant to emerge to play The Wheel as she was introduced to celeb competitors AJ Odudu, Deborah Meaden, William Hanson, Russell T Davies, Lucy Beaumont, Harry Redknapp and Bash The Entertainer.

However, after a few questions in, which she built up the cash pot, Jess got an answer wrong and she was soon replaced by Harbi.

Michael McIntyre

Michael McIntyre welcomed three new contestants onto The Wheel


Harbi followed suit as he too added to the prize fund before being banished once again and the third time around, it was Jess who returned to play again.

But Jess couldn't keep the correct answers coming and before the final round she was ousted and Harbi returned.

He made it to the final where he had the chance to win £24,500 if he decided to ask for the help of Hanson for the final teaser, £49,000 if he opted for Redknapp, or £98,000 if he picked Beaumont.

Harbi chose Beaumont but got the question wrong, meaning the contestant's chair was empty with just two possible teasers remaining and £49,000 or £24,500 up for grabs.

Harbi returned several times

Harbi returned several times during Saturday's episode of The Wheel


But in a surprise turn of events, Harbi returned and managed to bag the prize fund with the help of Redknapp.

This meant that Salvatore didn't even get the chance to play The Wheel once in the episode and that, even though he got a final round question wrong, Harbi was still able to pocket the cash.

As a result, X, formerly Twitter, was flooded with angered viewers who felt the result was a "fix", "unfair" and "flawed".

One social media user fumed: "Is there anyone who actually thinks the way they do the final bit of #thewheel is in anyway fair and if so why are you so so wrong…"

the Wheel

The Wheel fans have called for a change after one contestant wasn't given the chance to appear


"Entertaining though the #TheWheel is, it's fundamentally flawed when one contestant can be on the show and not even get to answer a question, or the same person can get multiple attempts at the jackpot," a second hit out.

"You can't convince me this s*** isn’t rigged. #thewheel," added a third before a fourth fumed: "Absolute joke. If you lose 1st time, one of the other contestahts should get a chance. #thewheel."

"That feels like a fix ... 2x goes at the cash #thewheel," said a fifth before another said: "Well done Harbs. But the streets will remember Salvatore who never even got to answer 1 question #TheWheel."

Other BBC viewers were quick to congratulate Harbi, however, including one who weighed in: "Fantastic winner tonight, Harbi clearly a good egg, well deserved #thewheel." (sic)

"Harbi! What a lovely chap & winner #thewheel," another commented.

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