Amanda Owen makes surprise TV return after Our Yorkshire Farm axe as she admits 'I'm really excited'

Amanda Owen makes surprise TV return after Our Yorkshire Farm axe as she admits 'I'm really excited'

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Alex Davies

By Alex Davies

Published: 09/03/2024

- 19:46

The Yorkshire Shepherdess made an unexpected comeback to screens this week

Our Yorkshire Farm star Amanda Owen was back on Channel 5 earlier this week in a rare return to the channel following the end of her family's series.

After Owen split with her husband Clive in 2022, Channel 5 confirmed Our Yorkshire Farm would come to a close, although it had lined up other projects with the Owen clan including a series with the father-of-nine and eldest son Reuben.

The Yorkshire Shepherdess has taken somewhat of a backseat from the spotlight ever since and even shut the doors to Ravenseat last summer to paying members of the public.

However, it has been rumoured that Owen is eyeing up a return to screens on Channel 4 - and has reportedly even teamed back up with her ex-husband as the cameras follow their restoration of an old derelict property.

Before any such show comes to fruition, Owen has stepped back in front of the camera for a rare cameo in Channel 5's A Yorkshire Farm.

Fronted by the likes of Jules Hudson and Helen Skelton, Owen surprised viewers when she took part in an episode on Thursday to learn more about foraging.

Amanda Owen

Amanda Owen was all smiles as she returned to screens in A Yorkshire Farm


Expressing her joy at being back in the wild while in front of the camera, she told viewers: "Well, I'm really excited to learn about foraging because, of course, it's food for free.

"And I'm really fascinated to know what I can find in the woods."

Owen had travelled to Saltburn Valley Gardens in North Yorkshire where she met forage walk leader, Lucy.

However, before the pair had even set off on their tour, Owen commented on a slight wardrobe misjudgment she'd suffered before the cameras began rolling.

Amanda Owen

Amanda Owen shot to fame in the Channel 5 series Our Yorkshire Farm


"What a day, it's beautiful here! I can't believe it," Owen quipped. "I wore my wellies and my waterproofs!"

Before long, Owen and her guide went off exploring.

"We're getting off the beaten trek here," Owen quipped while on the walk. "I guess that's what you need to do, isn't it?"

Owen managed to find some wild garlic but was quickly warned about similar-looking poisonous "imposters" nearby.

Amanda Owen

Amanda Owen returned to Channel 5 on A Yorkshire Farm


As the demonstration drew to a close, Owen commented: "Right well, I've got a nice looking bunch here and so have you, it's all looking very fresh and perky. Let's move on and see what else we can find."

Owen stumbled across wild nettles and mushrooms before she thanked the A Yorkshire Farm guest for teaching her more about foraging.

Expressing her delight at being back in front of the camera and learning more about green space, Owen said: "It's been an absolute pleasure."

A Yorkshire Farm continues on Thursday on Channel 5.

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