Meghan Markle fiercely backed by Denise Welch over fraught family ties amid birthday spat: 'A toxic situation!'

Meghan Markle fiercely backed by Denise Welch over fraught family ties amid birthday spat: 'A toxic situation!'

WATCH NOW: 'None of us know what's gone on!' Meghan Markle defended by Denise Welch over family ties

Alex Davies

By Alex Davies

Published: 09/11/2023

- 12:21

Updated: 09/11/2023

- 12:23

The Sussexes were reportedly left off the royal invite list for King Charles' 75th and Christmas this year

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry have been passionately backed by Loose Women star Denise Welch amid reports the pair have been snubbed from a number of Royal Family events this year.

Speaking exclusively to GB News, Welch - who is an ardent supporter of the couple - slammed the reception the husband and wife have received since leaving their royal roles behind them and heading to the States.

In the past week, a spokesperson for the Sussexes dismissed reports they had turned down an invite to the King's 75th birthday celebrations - instead claiming they never received an invite.

GB News has also learned that neither Harry nor Meghan have received an invite to spend Christmas with the Royal Family in a matter of weeks.

This has once again shone the spotlight on their now-fraught relationships with other Royal Family members due to the supposed snub - although they broke cover for their first public outing amid the controversy in San Diego on Wednesday.

When the invite spat was put to Welch for her thoughts, she told GB News: "There are other people making decisions in the Royal Family that are probably out of the King's hands, no matter how powerful he is.

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry haven't jointly been in the UK since the Queen's funeral


"I just think that at the moment, Harry and Meghan are doing what's right for them and for their children, and I am a huge supporter of them.

"We talk about this as if it's the only family. Again, I have friends who don't speak to their families because there was a toxic situation."

Referring to Meghan's non-existent ties with her father Thomas Markle, she continued: "Meghan Markle doesn't speak to her dad because there's a toxic situation.

"Do you not think that if Meghan Markle knew that she would win the love of the world by going to see her dad, (she would)? There's a reason why she doesn't.

"We don't question our other friends and family about that. If they say there are reasons I do not go to see my dad, we completely and utterly respect that there's something going on.

WATCH NOW: Denise Welch on Harry's birthday snub

"We don't know. None of us know what's gone on there. Meghan Markle could get a flight and go and see her dad, and everyone would say she was marvelous.

"There's a reason why she doesn't. It's got nothing to do with us."

Welch's verdict on the Sussexes went on as she discussed the birthday snub directly: "I think family is family until it's not. And I think it's a shame that things have taken the turn that they have. You know very clearly where I stand on Harry and Meghan, I'm huge supporters of them.

"I think that Harry did what was right for him and for his wife's mental health - I had severe postnatal depression, Princess Diana had severe postnatal depression, Meghan Markle had postnatal depression, there is nothing more horrific and horrendous.

"And it opened up a 30-year battle with a major depressive disorder in me. So people's mental health, mental illness is where I would always prioritise."

Welch was speaking to GB News after teaming up with the Co-op in light of research carried out which showed a rise of 70 percent in pre-nuptial agreement requests among couples.

The Loose Women star delved into why she feels it's key to raise awareness and open the door to conversations about prenups.

She said: "We've always known about prenups but I have thought of it as something that happens to really rich movie stars, who then meet someone who isn't quite as rich and they want to have a prenup so that the not-so-rich person can't take all their money if they get a divorce.

Meghan Markle has been backed by Denise Welch

Meghan Markle has been backed by Denise Welch as criticism for royal exit continues


"But actually, it's much more simplistic than that, and much more relevant to us now as an insurance policy.

"Look at as when you get married or are moving in with your partner, you get a house together and you look at the logistics of insurance... you don't think that your house is going to burn down but you're prepared to spend an amount of money on ensuring just in case those things happen.

"I've been divorced twice, I was very fortunate that for all the trauma of divorce, division of assets wasn't an issue.

But I have seen people who say, 'Oh, I'm getting divorced, but it's completely amicable'... there can be more friendly divorces until the lawyers come in.

"If you have a prenup, it is basically deciding how that division of assets will work, it's just a joint decision about dividing the assets because when the lawyers step in, and the courts step in, they then decide who gets what.

"So to me when it was explained to me as simplistically as that, it's something that I will definitely be saying to my children to consider.

"I think people are just aware that the romantic idea of, 'This will last forever' - and it can and you hope that it will - but it just might not. And if you have this in place, then it's just going to be less heartache at what can be a traumatic time."

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