'He will woo them!' Martin Daubney wades in as lefties 'try to ban’ I’m a Celeb over Nigel Farage appearance

'He will woo them!' Martin Daubney wades in as lefties 'try to ban’ I’m a Celeb over Nigel Farage appearance

Martin Daubney reacts to Nigel Farage's I'm a Celeb appearance

Ben Chapman

By Ben Chapman

Published: 14/11/2023

- 16:36

Updated: 26/11/2023

- 12:27

The GB News presenter is set to take part in the ITV series

Martin Daubney says Nigel Farage will stave off the naysayers and enjoy a successful stint in the I’m a Celeb jungle.

The GB News presenter will take part in the ITV series after agreeing to a ‘lucrative’ deal.

His participation has not been welcomed by all quarters, with some who disagree with Farage’s beliefs suggesting they will boycott the show.

Speaking on GB News, Daubney said this will have little bearing on the show’s viewing figures as he lauded praise on the “box office” Farage.

Nigel Farage and Martin Daubney

Martin Daubney has lauded ITV's decision


“Nigel is a master at stoking the fire”, he said.

“We’re seeing a number of lefties and luvvies threatening to ban the show. They won’t.


“They will tune in because love him or hate him, he’s box office. Remember Matt Hancock? His enemies delighted in making him eat anything under the sun like kangaroo testicles.

“They will do the same for Nigel. Knowing him well, he will mop it up with good grace and woo them and charm them.

“Pretty soon, he will turn a rumble in the jungle into a huge charm offensive. I’ve seen him do it in real life, and I think he’ll do it in the jungle.”

The former Brexit Party MEP even suggested Farage is in with a chance of winning the reality series.

Nigel FarageNigel Farage has finally put an end to the rumours GB NEWS

With odds currently sitting at 7/1, Daubney told GB News viewers Farage would be worth a “cheeky tenner”.

“Isn’t it funny, the people who say cancel culture isn’t real, are now going to go and try to cancel Nigel?”, he asked.

“He says he’s gone because his diary is clear. There is no political campaigns or elections, but some are suggesting he should be back in Blighty.

“A lot would like him to come and save the Tory Party, but I think he is allowed to watch them fight like rats in a sack.

“And no doubt, he will be dealing with a lot of rats in a sack down under.

“Celebrity status is great for political careers, particularly for younger voters, who are still the least likely to vote. They will see him and think ‘this bloke is a good sport’.

“I think this is canny for his career and his political profile.”

Public figures have criticised Farage’s entry into the jungle, including broadcaster Danny Baker who accused ITV of being “morally bankrupt”.

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