Kaleb Cooper distraught as he admits 'I can't even speak' over devastating farm news

Kaleb Cooper distraught as he admits 'I can't even speak' over devastating farm news

WATCH NOW: Kaleb Cooper distraught as he finds TB reactor among cattle after latest tests

Alex Davies

By Alex Davies

Published: 16/11/2023

- 14:08

Updated: 16/11/2023

- 15:25

The Clarkson's Farm star has been dealt another huge blow with his cattle

Clarkson's Farm's Kaleb Cooper has taken to Instagram to share a heartbreaking update from the farm regarding his privately owned dairy cows.

The young farmer - who's already had to deal with devastating losses caused by bovine tuberculosis (TB) - has revealed his cows have had to undergo testing once again.

This time around, Cooper and a friend who also owns dairy cows underwent the testing together.

Cooper and his pal's 240 cows were tested on Thursday afternoon but just when he thought he'd gotten through the testing unscathed, the Clarkson's Farm star was informed of a reactor.

Jeremy Clarkson's righthand man explained all as he spoke directly to the camera in a new video in which he said: "So TB testing today where I keep my dairy cows as well as a friend of mine.

"(I'm) helping them to run 240 cows through the crush," he continued. "On the last four, one had a reactor - one out of 240."

Jeremy Clarkson and Kaleb Cooper

Kaleb Cooper has become a household name for starring in Clarkson's Farm


Cooper struggled to keep his composure as he went on: "I mean, the feeling... I can't really describe the feeling when the vet says, 'Kaleb your reactor...'

"To anyone out there - sorry I can't even speak now," Cooper said as he became choked up. "But to anyone out there who's got TB problems, I feel you.

"I feel you and I'm with you," he reiterated before the clip drew to a close.

While it was only one reactor which will have to be destroyed, the impact of one amongst even as many as 240 cows could be catastrophic.

Cooper's herd will now be subject to strict movement restrictions after one reactor has been detected.

According to the government's Animal and Plant Health Agency (APHA): "Your herd will be put under movement restrictions and its OTF (Officially TB Free) status will be suspended making it OTFS.

"If your herd status is suspended because of suspicion of TB in an animal at a slaughterhouse inspection, you’ll need to get a negative culture result and clear check test before your herd can regain its OTF status.

"If the suspected animal has a positive culture result, or any TB skin test reactor is found, your herd will become a breakdown herd."

Kaleb Cooper

Kaleb Cooper revealed just one TB reactor had been discovered among his herd


Therefore, Cooper will have to adhere to the guidelines in the hopes TB won't emerge in any of his other cows and result in even further losses.

Cooper was left in tears when he revealed back in August that TB had previously been found within his herd.

However, he tried his best to remain in high spirits afterward as he shared a social media plea for more cows in the hopes of strengthening his herd after his first round of reactors.

Cooper will return to screens soon after wrapping up season three of Clarkson's Farm alongside Clarkson where fans may be able to see firsthand the impact the reactors had on the young farmer.

One thing that fans are assured they'll see in the new series is Cooper and Clarkson's "biggest ever fall out" after the young farmer spoke out on the upcoming episodes last month.

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