Jonnie Irwin teases new work project alongside wife Jess following TV return amid cancer battle

Jonnie Irwin teases new work project alongside wife Jess following TV return amid cancer battle

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Alex Davies

By Alex Davies

Published: 10/11/2023

- 08:53

Updated: 10/11/2023

- 09:30

The 49-year-old's work diary has been rather packed of late

Jonnie Irwin has teased an exciting new work project alongside his wife Jess with a series of snaps from their Newcastle home.

The presenter - who's been battling cancer since 2020 - has thrown himself into his work of late, making an impressive return to Morning Live with a series of short films and enjoying a successful Escape to the Country comeback last month.

While his wife Jess typically avoids the limelight and appearing on-screen alongside her beau, Irwin has now revealed his next project involves his other half.

Shooting from the comfort of his own home, Irwin has promised fans will get to hear more from his wife when their latest series of interviews come to light.

Alongside a snap of him in front of the camera in one of the rooms of his house, Irwin wrote: "Spent much of the day posing and getting interviewed.

"I’ll let you know when it comes out once I’ve seen the copy to make sure I’ve not made a total a*s of myself.

Jonnie Irwin

Jonnie Irwin has teased a new series of interviews


"Jess also got involved thankfully so at least there’s something attractive to look at!" Irwin joked.

He signed off: "Probably my favourite shoot location for a while as I rolled out of bed and was ready to go! #onlocation #workfromhome."

The pair have been married since 2016 and share three adorable children together; son Rex, and twins Rafa and Cormac.

To mark their seven-year anniversary last month, Irwin penned an adorable tribute to his wife as the pair headed out to celebrate.

Hearing his wife was jumping in front of the camera with him, it didn't take long for a number of Irwin's followers to express their excitement at seeing the project.

"Can’t wait to see it," one follower penned. "What you’re doing for your wife & children is admirable."

A second echoed: "You're doing amazing. Such an inspiration to those of us who sadly lost someone so special to this devastating disease. Keep fighting and kicking it’s a**e!!"

Another weighed in: "Looking forward to seeing it! Everything is looking fabulous!"

"Your looking well jonnie, keep on pushing on pal," added a fourth while a fifth concurred: "Love your positivity x You really are quite amazing Jonnie x Love to you & your beautiful family xx." (sic)

Irwin's hectic work schedule comes amid his ongoing treatment for cancer and fresh off the back of him overcoming a nasty chest infection last month.

The A Place in the Sun star overcame the infection after admitting to initially refusing to take antibiotics as he attempted to fight the illness on his own.

Now fighting fit, Irwin even enjoyed a night out at a gig last week, although admitted he was pretty "whacked" afterwards.

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