Jimmy Carr slammed for 'disgusting and disrespectful' heckling of TV chef live on air: 'Childish behaviour'

Jimmy Carr slammed for 'disgusting and disrespectful' heckling of TV chef live on air: 'Childish behaviour'

Jimmy Carr roasting his comedy audience

Lauren Williams

By Lauren Williams

Published: 03/05/2024

- 19:18

The comedian is known for his rapid-fire deadpan delivery of one-liners but has recently landed himself in hot water

Jimmy Carr has been slammed by viewers after he heckled TV chef Clodagh McKenna during her cooking segment and branded him "disgusting" for his "childish behaviour".

During her presentation of Chicken Made Three Ways, Carr questioned McKenna's pronunciation of what he believed to be the word "thyme", to which the confused chef replied: "No, I never mentioned thyme."

Trying to get through her recipe in the allotted time, Carr quipped once again: "I need a pen – you’re really racing through this," putting extra pressure on McKenna's time.

The Irish chef informed viewers that she uses the "chicken made three ways" a lot in her own kitchen at home, but Carr couldn't help but jibe: "What about chicken one way?"

His interruptions continued to flow throughout the entire segment, as McKenna placed a chicken carcass in a saucepan, and left Carr to chime: "Have you not got a bin?"

McKenna attempted to continue, but Carr was adamant on taking centre stage and added: "Pop it in the bin! It’s gone, the chicken is gone."

Jimmy Carr

Jimmy Carr was called childish for his behavior towards Clodagh


As she finally managed to come to the end of cooking her meal, Carr questioned the quality and stated: "You could make that even nicer by leaving out the broccoli."

Noticing the tension, This Morning presenter Dermot O'Leary jumped in and put a reassuring arm around her shoulder and acknowledged that it seemed "hard" for her to do her job while being "heckled" by a comedian.

Viewers of the show agreed and took to their X accounts to slam the comedian's interruptions, branding him "rude", "arrogant", and "disgusting".

One viewer raged: "Jimmy Carr’s childish behaviour whilst @clodaghmckenna was trying to do her piece on today’s @thismorning was so rude & disrespectful, he even took the P out of her accent."

Jimmy Carr

Jimmy Carr is known for his controversial jokes


​"Well done on biting your tongue with the rudeness of Jimmy Carr. The hosts clearly were mortified," another added before a third said: "You were amazing under extreme interference."

A fourth user praised: "True professionalism from you Mrs McKenna! How you managed to keep a straight face and continue cooking with his incessant interruptions beyond me!"

After the awkward segment, Clodagh took to Instagram with a selfie featuring Alison and Dermot but no Jimmy as she captioned: "One chicken, 3 recipes, one @jimmycarr I’m officially ready for the weekend." (sic)

This isn't the first time in recent years that Carr has found himself in hot water after he was heavily criticised for a "truly disturbing" joke he made about travellers in his 2022 Netflix special.

Clodagh McKenna and Jimmy Carr

Jimmy was slammed for heckling Clodagh


The streaming service’s inclusion of the joke was branded "outrageous" by viewers, who called the joke "indefensible".

Carr has drawn criticism many times over the years for his controversial jokes, which have mocked targets including people with Down’s Syndrome, amputee veterans and people with dwarfism.

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