Jeremy Clarkson and Kaleb Cooper take dig at BBC Countryfile over controversial badger segment

Jeremy Clarkson and Kaleb Cooper take dig at BBC Countryfile over controversial badger segment

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Alex Davies

By Alex Davies

Published: 20/11/2023

- 09:18

Both Clarkson's Farm stars have shared their troubles with badgers openly before

BBC's Countryfile has come under fire from Clarkson's Farm stars Jeremy Clarkson and Kaleb Cooper following a moment in Sunday night's episode.

Veteran broadcaster John Craven fronted the BBC show once again alongside Sammi Kinghorn as they headed to the South Downs while farmer Adam Henson explored a new method that could help farming hit net-zero targets.

However, it was during a segment in which Craven heard from viewers at home that Clarkson and Cooper took issue.

Craven explained: "We asked for your acts of kindness for our Wild Britain initiative and you didn't disappoint..."

What followed was a series of home videos of creatures enjoying the manmade habitats and treats left out by viewers.

"Samantha from Harrogate... has a picnic bench fit for a badger," Craven said as the video package reeled on to show one of the animals feasting on the food left out by the Countryfile viewer.

Kaleb Cooper and Jeremy ClarksonKaleb Cooper has starred in Clarkson's Farm since the beginning AMAZON

However, Clarkson - who showed firsthand the devastation badgers can cause on farmers' cattle in Clarkson's Farm - shared the clip on Instagram and was clearly unimpressed.

"FFS," Clarkson simply penned alongside the clip to his 7.2million followers.

And among those who replied to the post was Cooper who appeared to echo his co-star's frustration

"Just thinking the same," followed by face palm emojis Cooper penned as the pair clearly took issue with the positive spin on badgers in the wild.

And the duo arguably have good reason to be disgruntled by the Beeb's portrayal of badgers as cute creatures who deserve treats - especially Cooper.

Earlier this week, the Clarkson's Farm star was left devastated when he revealed one cow out of 240 he and a pal own had contracted Bovine TB - a disease spread by badgers.

As a result, the entire herd was at risk and he and his pal have since had to undergo a series of restrictions and measures to prevent the spread of the disease.

He explained it all in an emotional Instagram video last week as he said: "So TB testing today where I keep my dairy cows as well as a friend of mine.

"(I'm) helping them to run 240 cows through the crush. On the last four, one had a reactor - one out of 240.

John Craven

John Craven regularly fronts Countryfile on the BBC


"I mean, the feeling... I can't really describe the feeling when the vet says, 'Kaleb your reactor...'

"To anyone out there - sorry I can't even speak now," Cooper said as he became choked up. "But to anyone out there who's got TB problems, I feel you.

"I feel you and I'm with you," he signed off.

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