Jeremy Clarkson’s Hawkstone Brewery targeted by anti-hunting protesters who listed set of demands

Jeremy Clarkson’s Hawkstone Brewery targeted by anti-hunting protesters who listed set of demands

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Lauren Williams

By Lauren Williams

Published: 14/04/2024

- 16:42

Updated: 14/04/2024

- 18:58

The Diddly Squat farm owner has been put in the firing line once again and targeted by animal rights protestors

Jeremy Clarkson’s Hawkstone Brewery was descended upon by anti-hunting protestors with banners and dressed as badgers – accusing the TV presenter of animal cruelty.

Clarkson came under fire after it was accused he let a badger hunt take place on his land, with the campaigner's banners reading: “Jezza, hands off me badgers.”

The protest in question was organized by Three Counties Hunt Saboteurs and Gloucestershire Badger Office who claimed Clarkson allowed The Heythrop Hunt onto his estate.

Protestors said the group had been accused on “numerous” occasions of breaching the 2004 Hunt Act – which bans the use of dogs to capture and kill wild animals.

During the protest, campaigners delivered a letter outlining why they had gathered outside the star's property.

Their demands consisted of not allowing fox hunts to happen on his lands, not allowing anyone to disturb badger setts and not take part in a “badger cull”.

Jeremy Clarkson

The protestors called for an end to hunting and blocking badger setts


The letter also read: “We are writing this open letter to you concerning issues of wildlife persecution on land which you own.

“It has been noted that you gave permission to the Heythrop Hunt to hunt on your land. They have been accused on numerous occasions of hunting wild mammals in breach of the Hunting Act 2004 and were convicted of illegal hunting offences back in 2012.”

Despite wanting to start a dialogue with the former Top Gear star, the protestors were chanting slogans directly at Clarkson.

A spokesperson for Action Against Foxhunting, who was also at the protest, said: “Jeremy Clarkson does diddly squat to protect wildlife”.

Hawkestone Lager

The Hawkstone Brewery was infiltrated by protestors


Clarkson is not suspected of breaking the law in any way.

A spokesperson from the Heythrop Hunt said: “The Heythrop Hunt conducts lawful trail hunting activities to comply with the Hunting Act.

"The hunt liaises with landowners to obtain permission to conduct an activity which complies with the law and which is regulated by the British Hound Sports Association.”

GB News has contacted Diddly Squat Farm and Hawkstone Brewery for a comment.

Jeremy Clarkson

Jeremy's brewery was targeted by animal rights protestors


This isn’t the first time that Clarkson has gotten on the wrong side of animal rights protests after he had been reported to the police for filling in badger setts on his land.

He claimed that he was not at fault and branded animal rights protestors who reported him as “not very bright”.

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