Jeremy Clarkson leaves Diddly Squat fans in frenzy as he issues major pig update after season 3 horror

Jeremy Clarkson leaves Diddly Squat fans in frenzy as he issues major pig update after season 3 horror

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Lauren Williams

By Lauren Williams

Published: 21/05/2024

- 08:47

Updated: 21/05/2024

- 10:16

Jeremy Clarkson and Lisa Hogan were left devastated during season three after a number of pigs died on his farm

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Jeremy Clarkson has given an update on his ever-growing farm brood and revealed that he and girlfriend Lisa Hogan are expected "grandparents" - just months after some devastating deaths.

Season three of the Amazon Prime special Clarkson's Farm returned this month and continued to follow the former Top Gear star's life on his farm in Oxfordshire alongside partner Hogan and other fan favourites Kaleb Cooper and Charlie Ireland.

Whilst there was plenty of chaos from Clarkson, being told off by Cooper and rows with activists and police officers, there were also some heart wrenching moments which left viewers at home in tears.

One moment came when Clarkson and Hogan realised that their brood of piglets had suddenly died, leaving them to showcase their emotional side - something viewers don't often get to see.

Now, the couple have issued some good news to their online followers after posting an image of their adult pigs on their Diddly Squat Instagram page revealing that they were expecting a new brood of piglets.

Captioning the image, they expressed: "Piglets from our first litter now up the duff. Proud grand pig parents."

Fans of the show and their farm were delighted with the news, with one fan commenting: "We knew you two could smash it. Everything you do works. Congratulations."

"Awe so sweet and it’s natural and beautiful," another added before a third said: "Awww diddly piggies."

"Oh wow how exciting," a fourth noted before a fifth penned: "Congrats Grandpa and Grandma!"

A sixth proudly wrote: "They are the cutest. Feel like I’m an auntie over here since I watched them being born." (sic)

Jeremy Clarkson

Jeremy Clarkson was left heartbroken when his first brood of piglets died


Clarkson has previously opened up about the heartbreak he went through when finding out his pigs had died and told "You don’t say, 'Let’s buy some pigs and hope they die,' I’ve always liked pigs.

"My mother used to buy me toy pigs every Christmas and birthdays. I thought it would be fun to have them, and then they just died in alarming numbers. It was very heartbreaking, I’d never ever seen Lisa, not once ever, until that all started.

"It was just terrible. I mean they still die, but we’re getting more used to it now, we’re a bit more robust. We’re a bit stronger at dealing with it now. But it was a very heart-breaking time."

The Grand Tour star also touched on how "fond" he is of his goats and cows, despite Cooper often telling him to "kill" the goats to "sell" and "eat."

Jeremy Clarkson and Lisa Hogan

Jeremy and Lisa issues an exciting update


He added: "But I actually thought, no I want to keep them because I like them, but the pigs you have to sell them, otherwise nobody would keep pigs if you didn’t eat them. There would be no cows or pigs in the country if people didn’t eat them.

"So in order to have the animals you have to eat them at the correct time, and it is weird, because you love them and you give birth to them and you nurture them and you feed them, you take care of them, you get the vet round when they’re poorly.

"And then you kill them and it is a strange place to be when you haven’t been a farmer all your life but we are getting better at it, we definitely are."

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