BBC Strictly star James Jordan blames 'illegals' as he unleashes furious rant at pension age rise

BBC Strictly star James Jordan blames 'illegals' as he unleashes furious rant at pension age rise

UK issued 'crisis' warning as state pension age set to increase to 71

Lauren Williams

By Lauren Williams

Published: 07/02/2024

- 15:31

Updated: 07/02/2024

- 16:13

James Jordan used to be a Strictly pro for eight series before his exit in 2013

Former Strictly star James Jordan has unleashed a scathing rant against the government after it was revealed the UK state pension age would need to rise.

The International Longevity Centre warned that the age of retirement will need to be increased to 71 by 2050 to maintain the number of workers per retiree.

As it stands, the retirement age is 66 but will increase to 67 between May 2026 and March 2028, with it expected to be pushed up again to 68 in 2044.

A LinkedIn poll by People Management found that 90 per cent of respondents were concerned by the suggestions and feared some may never be able to retire.

For example, deputy director for work at the Centre for Ageing Better, Emily Andrews explained: “No one should be seriously considering increasing the state pension age to 71 until it is much easier for people in their 60s to get and keep a decent job.

Now, outspoken dancer Jordan made his concerns of the rising age known and took to his social media to express his “disgust” with the possibility.

He furiously ranted: “Really?? If this happens it’s disgusting – my dad didn’t even live to 71 and paid into the system his parents whole working life.

“Is it to help fund all the illegals our government let into our country yet won’t help their own? What happened to our beautiful country?” (sic)

As per usual, his comments haven’t gone unnoticed with many of his X followers commenting their thoughts and opinions on the news.

One user replied to his statement: “When the state pension was introduced at age 65 for men, average life expectancy was 68. State pension age should have been gradually increased to match life expectancy.

James Jordan and Denise Van Outen

James Jordan rose to fame on Strictly Come Dancing


“We cannot sustain the current system with a declining population so require immigration,” they added, which prompted Jordan to hit back: “My argument is they could cut money elsewhere Instead of helping the illegals - the lazy and the degenerates.

“We need to look after the hard working people of this country. So I TOTALLY disagree with you. Sorry.”

Another user added: “Think it's more to do with the rich getting richer and poor poorer than illegals. 6th richest country in the world highest pension age in Europe lowest pension payout.

“Germany have more immigrants arriving than us. They look after the elderly, putting our government to shame.”

James Jordan

James Jordan made his thoughts on the pension age clear


However, not all of his followers disagreed with his statement as one user shared a common thread with the controversial dancer.

“I lost my dad 4 weeks before he was due to retire… He worked all his life from the age of 14… he’s paid for everyone else,” a furious X user agreed as another echoed: “Totally agree with you. They just want us to work until we drop.” (sic)

It isn’t just Jordan who’s taken exception to the plans with GB News’ own Nigel Nelson unleashing a blistering take on employers during a recent debate about the rise on the People’s Channel.

Alongside Tonia Buxton, Nelson argued that older employees are already being treat unfairly and struggling to maintain work, let alone if the pension age were to rise.

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