ITV forced to 'review' Big Brother incident over housemate's 'outdated' and 'awful' use of the word 'gay'

ITV forced to 'review' Big Brother incident over housemate's 'outdated' and 'awful' use of the word 'gay'

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Alex Davies

By Alex Davies

Published: 18/10/2023

- 09:42

Updated: 18/10/2023

- 15:45

Big Brother fans spotted the use of the word during Sunday night's live stream

ITV is reportedly "reviewing" a situation involving a Big Brother housemate after they used the word "gay" to express their annoyance.

Fresh off the back of a "bullying" storm that surrounded evicted contestant Farida and NHS worker Kerry, the incident involved the latter and occurred during ITV's live stream of the house on Sunday night into Monday morning.

This isn't the first time viewers have spoken out about the show since the reboot kicked off this month, with Big Brother also accused of going "woke" by several - including GB News' own Nana Akua and former celebrity contestant Ann Widdecombe.

The latest furore was brought to light by one fan on the online forum Reddit as they detailed what occurred during the show's live stream in the early hours of Monday morning.

Redditor u/Worldly-Raise-6976 explained that the action picked up with housemates Jenkin, Kerry, Olivia and Paul inside the house while the rest of their castmates had to sleep outside as part of the week's shopping task.

The four housemates had been granted the chance to sleep inside as a reward during the task and in an attempt to tease Kerry, the Redditor explained that Jenkin and Olivia ended up hiding Kerry's mattress.

Big Brother

The incident occurred during the camping shopping task


Kerry was speaking to Big Brother at the time when her housemates played the prank and when she returned, she was told by Olivia and Jenkin that it was Big Brother who'd removed the mattress.

"Kerry got well stressed, sat down at the picnic table. O & J still spinning tales. Kerry said 'Well this is gay'," the Redditor highlighted.

The BB fan suggested that Olivia and Jenkin "took this 'prank' a bit far & should have ended it earlier when Kerry started looking quite dejected & upset".

Reacting to the recap of the live stream, however, it appeared Big Brother fans had little sympathy with Kerry thanks to her use of the word "gay" in such a manner.

"'Well this is gay'.... Another slip of the mask," one BB fan and fellow Redditor posted in response to the recap.

While a second weighed in: "I genuinely haven’t heard someone use that expression in about 10 years, shockingly awful and outdated. Actually even surprised Kerry would say it on TV."

Another agreed: "That was my thought. I remember kids using the word in the late 80s/ early 90s as an insult."

While a fourth added to the discussion by suggesting: "I hope she gets reprimanded for that."

ITV told the Daily Star that it is "reviewing" the incident while a spokesperson told GB News: "Kerry was brought to the diary room to discuss her inappropriate use of language.

"Big Brother reminded Kerry of her respect and inclusion training prior to entering the House and the consequences of any further use of offensive language. Kerry understood and apologised for any offence caused."

Big Brother's Kerry

Big Brother's Kerry has come under fire for the remark


Kerry has certainly proved one of the more divisive figures since entering the Big Brother house almost two weeks ago.

The NHS worker found herself up for the first eviction of the series against Farida but was ultimately saved by the public vote.

With nominations set to take place imminently on the ITV show, fans will have to stay tuned to see if she can avoid the boot for the second time running.

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