ITV outrage as 'woke' Big Brother forces fans to 'switch off' following 'snowflake' pronoun debates

ITV outrage as 'woke' Big Brother forces fans to 'switch off' following 'snowflake' pronoun debates

Big Brother 2023: Trans woman Hallie enters the Big Brother house

Alex Davies

By Alex Davies

Published: 10/10/2023

- 08:58

Updated: 18/10/2023

- 15:47

The reboot of Big Brother kicked off on ITV and ITV2 on Sunday

After just two episodes of the new Big Brother series, ITV viewers have begun switching off in their droves.

The reality TV series has come under fire for "going woke" two decades on from when it first aired on Channel 4.

So far in this series, Big Brother fans have witnessed the 16 new housemates get to know one another while confined to the new-look house.

There's been drama aplenty, including housemate Jenkin being deprived of his luggage and hot water, while contestant Olivia was hellbent on ensuring she was saved from the first public vote after being left at risk of elimination just hours after entering.

The series has also included a number of tearful moments among its housemates in the space of 48 hours, none less than when 18-year-old Hallie revealed to her housemates she was trans.

She told her housemates during breakfast on their second day: "'Hey guys, I just have something to say. Yesterday I feel like I wasn’t being 100 percent authentic in myself.

Big Brother star Hallie

Big Brother star Hallie came out as trans within the second episode


"I thought I’d let everyone know I’m trans, if you didn’t know already," Hallie continued. "I just thought I’d make that loud and clear. I’m a trans woman if you didn’t know."

Her housemates hugged the teenager before fellow contestant Kerry broke down in tears in the diary room as she confessed how protective she now felt of Hallie.

The revelation also led all 15 of Hallie's fellow participants to go around and share what their preferred pronouns would be when they're addressed by their housemates.

Combined with the other discussions that have taken place in the house so far - including debates about kitchen manners while around halal meat as well as self-confessed Conservative-voting Henry being grilled by leftie Trish - several fans of the original Channel 4 series have been left less than impressed.

So much so, the new reboot has been slammed as "woke" and sparked a mass switch-off, with criticism levelled at the series by a number of viewers on X, formerly known as Twitter.

One raged: "I used to like watching big brother, but it’s gone totally woke now, all boxes have been ticked... and to top it off they’re asking about f*****g pronouns, I will not be watching anymore!! #BBUK."

A second echoed: "Watched 10 minutes and now its off. Too woke for me #dinsoaur #BBUK."

Meanwhile, a third fumed: "How tedious is this going to be with them all tiptoeing around each other. Big Brother was always about drama not woke bulls**t, that was the essence of the show #BBUK."

Big Brother star Olivia

Big Brother star Olivia has divided viewers so far


A fourth was similarly outraged: "What’s your pronouns ? F*** OFF ye woke f*****y 2023 s***e! That’s me switched off already. Get in the (bin) #BigBrotherUK #bigbrotheruk #BBUK #bbuk."

"Woke big brother is ridiculous," a fifth weighed in. "Everyone too scared of being cancelled by the snowflake generation #BigBrotherUK #BBUK #BigBrother #ITV."
However, there was still some support for the series in light of the backlash.

Defending the series, one viewer argued: "All the fragile little people saying #BBUK has gone 'woke' ….. may I remind you that it’s ALWAYS been a diverse show.

"The first trans woman took part TWENTY years ago and we voted her our winner. It’s sad as f*** that in 2023 we are going backwards," they added, referring to Nadia Almada who won the show back in 2004.

And a second praised Hallie: "18!! The political climate as it is right now. This is a moment for the Big Brother history books.

"Such an amazing young women and what’s she done tonight has made a community going through so much shit, feel recognised and loved. As they should!!! This is why I love #BBUK." (sic)

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