Farage praised by campmates for 'telling his side' as he's probed on 'corrupt' House of Lords and power of Trump

Nigel Farage

Nigel Farage on I'm A Celebrity

Emily Fox

By Emily Fox

Published: 02/12/2023

- 22:30

Nigel opened up to campmates about a number of political subjects

NIGEL Farage was praised for his honesty as he discussed the power of the American President and was probed on the House of Lords, Brussels and Trump on I'm A Celebrity tonight.

The former UKIP leader who is known for his close relationship with Donald Trump spoke about the power of the American President in a chat with Frankie Dettori.

He also opened up about the scandal of the House of Lords and the amount the Lords get paid daily - a similar amount to that paid to MEPs in Brussels.

Dettori questioned Nigel asking: “Ask Trump to get Joe Exotic out.”

Nigel replied: “What out of prison? Amazing the power an American President has. That pardon is a really powerful tool. He’s pardoned a few people. All American Presidents do. Our Prime Minister doesn’t have any power like that at all.”

Fellow jungle campmate Fred Sireix said: “They can bestow honours.”

Nigel added: “Honours he can give, yeah."

Siriex continued: “Being in the House of Lords you get a paycheck every year.”

Nigel: “Well, you don’t, you get a cheque every day. You get £300 a day for turning up, yeah.”

Dettori then joked: “That pays for lunch.”

Nigel said: “I went to the House of Lords about two months ago, a guy I served with in the late 90s and early 00s in Brussels invited me to lunch. I said, ‘What’s it like here?’ He said, ‘It’s the best retirement home in the country.’ He said, ‘I get a taxi in every morning, I do a little paperwork, sign in for the money, go for lunch in the subsidised dining room’ and it’s old fashioned English food, it’s roast, it’s really cheap. They go into the House of Lords at 2.30pm for the opening of debates or whatever it is and then p*** off home. That’s it done.”

Nigel said of the House of Lords: “It’s a throwback that needs modernising. It’s been stuffed full of people who have given parties money. Pretty corrupt stuff really. But for those that are in there, it’s a fantastic life.”

Nick in the Bush Telegraph said: “You’ve also got to remember it’s his side of everything, so you’ve got to go with a balanced opinion, but it is quite interesting. He’s not telling porkies, he’s just telling his side of the story.”

Nigel said: “Mind you, we got that in Brussels. That was our daily spending allowance, 300 euros a day. In my case Sam, it got more than spent.”

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