Hannah Waddingham ready to ‘move on’ following sexist Olivier Award comment sparking ‘misogynist’ row

Hannah Waddingham ready to ‘move on’ following sexist Olivier Award comment sparking ‘misogynist’ row

Hannah Waddingham corrects Laverne Cox after getting her name wrong

Lauren Williams

By Lauren Williams

Published: 18/04/2024

- 17:03

The Ted Lasso star revealed she had received a written apology from paparazzi who asked to ‘show me leg’

Hannah Waddingham has admitted she is ready to “move on” from a sexist comment made by a photographer at the Olivier Awards two days ago.

Earlier this week, Waddingham was preparing to enter the venue and was posing for the long line of photographers raring to get the best picture of the Game of Thrones star.

As she posed, one paparazzi called out “show me leg” which left Waddingham to immediately hit back.

She fumed: “Oh my God! You would never say that to a man. Don’t be a d***, otherwise I’ll move on. Don’t say ‘show me leg’, no.”

Rather than staying any longer, Waddingham moved on from the paparazzi pen less than impressed, before having a conversation with the individual.

She recently spoke out about the event and was asked by Alex Jones: “Many people had already applauded you on the red carpet after your comment to the paparazzi.

Hannah Waddingham

Hannah noted that she was ready to move on from the incident


“How are you Hannah, at the other end of that?” leaving the star to insist that she was good and ready to move on from the incident.

She explained: “I’m good, I called out what needed to be…absolutely necessary to call out. And I’ve received a written apology and so now I’m so ready to move on.

“And I’m not having it overshadow what was the most ... I think even more than last year, it was the most glorious, joyful, positive night.

“I don’t usually say this, but I was really flipping proud of that night. It did exactly what we wanted it to. The whole place erupted like a bunch of lunatics. So that’s what the takeaway should be," she said on The One Show.

Hannah Waddinham

Hannah was accosted by a paparazzi during the Olivier Awards


Waddingham was supported by thousands on social media, with one X user noting: “How dare a photographer at the Olivier's ask a woman to ‘show some leg’!!

“And delighted the woman who he asked was Hannah Waddingham who handed him his misogynistic a*** on a plate."

"Hannah Waddingham was totally right to call out that photographer. It was objectification," another argued

A third added: "Ted Lasso. Game Of Thrones. Eurovision. The Olivier Awards. And now this. Hannah Waddingham is the hero we need right now."

Hannah Waddingham

Hannah Waddingham opened up about the incident


"I'm a divorced male 57 but totally agree with Hannah Waddingham calling out the media it was disgusting and degrading to all women really sexist good on her lucky she didn't slap him ....." someone else shared.

However, some disagreed with Waddingham’s outburst and said: “Hardly crime of the century lol. And he didn't demand..He asked.

“As for not saying it to a man...Most men don't wear dresses. And before you all attack me..I like Hannah Waddingham."

"She was out of line in calling out that photographer. Blatant virtue signalling," another complained.

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