Hannah Waddingham sparks 'misogynistic' row as she tells photographer 'don't be a d***' at Olivier Awards

Hannah Waddingham sparks 'misogynistic' row as she tells photographer 'don't be a d***' at Olivier Awards

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Olivia Gantzer

By Olivia Gantzer

Published: 16/04/2024

- 10:33

The Ted Lasso star didn't hold back when a photographer demanded 'Show your leg'

Ted Lasso star Hannah Waddingham has been applauded by fans after she scolded a photographer who demanded "show your leg" at she posed for snaps at the Olivier Awards.

The actress, 49, clapped back at the request, fuming: "You'd never say that to a man."

As she stood for photos outside the Royal Albert Hall on Sunday, Waddingham was left visibly angered as a photographer seemed to yell "show your leg".

In a clip posted to social media, Waddingham can be heard responding: "Oh my God, you'd never say that to a man."

She added: Don't be a d***, otherwise I'll move off. Don't say 'show me leg' - no."

Wearing a sequined light purple gown, the Game of Thrones star swiftly walked away while shaking her head.

Hannah Waddingham

Waddingham has been praised for calling out the photographer


She was cheered by crowds as she left the scene ahead of the awards, which she hosted for the second time.

While some have supported her hitting back at the photographer, fans have been left divided about whether or not he deserved a telling off.

Taking to social media, one penned: "How dare a photographer at the Oliviers ask a woman to ‘show some leg’!! And delighted the woman who he asked was Hannah Waddingham who handed him his misogynistic a*** on a plate."

"Hannah Waddingham was totally right to call out that photographer. It was objectification," another argued.

Hannah Waddingham

Waddingham hit back at a photographer at the Olivier Awards


A third added: "Ted Lasso. Game Of Thrones. Eurovision. The Olivier Awards. And now this. Hannah Waddingham is the hero we need right now."

"I'm a divorced male 57 but totally agree with Hannah waddingham calling out the media it was disgusting and degrading to all women really sexist good on her lucky she didn't slap him ....." someone else shared.

However, others disagreed. One posted: "Hardly crime of the century lol. And he didn't demand..He asked. As for not saying it to a man...Most men don't wear dresses. And before you all attack me..I like Hannah Waddingham."

"She was out of line in calling out that photographer. blatant virtue signaling," another complained. (sic)

Hannah Waddingham

Waddingham fumed 'You'd never say that to a man' after being asked to 'show leg'


The singer and actress also hosted the ceremony last year and was back this month to open this year's with a musical performance of Anything Goes.

Best known for comedy series Ted Lasso, Waddingham also hosted the Eurovision Song Contest last year.

She's also appeared in both Game of Thrones and Sex Education.

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