Amanda Holden goes silent on bitter Osbourne feud as she fiercely defends controversial BGT star Viggo Venn

Amanda Holden goes silent on bitter Osbourne feud as she fiercely defends controversial BGT star Viggo Venn

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Olivia Gantzer

By Olivia Gantzer

Published: 16/04/2024

- 09:26

Updated: 16/04/2024

- 09:29

Sharon Osbourne penned a furious letter to Holden last weekend

Amanda Holden has been in the headlines lately following a dramatic and public exchange of words between herself and Sharon Osbourne.

While Osbourne, 71, issued a lengthy statement over the weekend, telling Holden, 53, she will “never be in my league," Britain's Got Talent judge Holden seems to have decided not to retaliate.

While Holden has reportedly been supported by her Britain’s Got Talent co-star Simon Cowell, 64, she hasn’t responded publicly to Osbourne’s scathing verbal onslaught.

However, she has spoken out since to defend last year’s Britain’s Got Talent winner ahead of the ITV series’ return this weekend.

Comedian Viggo Venn sparked a flood of Ofcom complaints after being crowned the winner, and went on to admit he was “embarrassed” to have taken the trophy.

While plenty of viewers were unhappy to see Venn claim the victory, judge Holden has defended him.

Amanda Holden and Viggo Venn

Holden defended the Britain's Got Talent winner

Channel 4/ITV

The media personality stated: “I absolutely loved Viggo, my mum loved him, he won most of the votes, and people voted for him, I think, because he was fun, humble, and made us all smile.”

Speaking to The Mirror, she continued: “And that was the same with people like John Courtenay and Paul Potts.

“These are people that you think, ‘they're like me,’ - they're accessible, they are well liked and the audience wants to get behind them. Because in our country, we like down-to-earth underdogs.”

Venn beat off some stiff competition last year, with dancer Lillianna Clifton coming in second place and magician Cillian O’Connor placed third.

Britain's Got Talent judges

Holden found herself in a feud with Sharon Osbourne after defending co-star Simon Cowell


It’s been reported audience members booed the result when the comedian won the show, while more than 100 Ofcom complaints were made about the episode.

She went on to tell the publication she’d pressed her golden buzzer this year twice, adding: “The first was for a singer, and she’s got the perfect showbiz name if ever I’ve heard one!

"It just felt how I was when I was starting out, she'd done some bits and bobs or whatever.

“I was lucky I went on to work, but she’s just not had that break she deserves.”

Louis Walsh and Sharon Osbourne

Walsh and Osbourne slammed Cowell in this year's Celebrity Big Brother


Holden seems to have decided to remain quiet following Osbourne’s brutal letter to her, which she shared on social media.

The former X-Factor star’s scolding came after Holden slammed her and Louis Walsh, 71, for blasting Cowell during their time on Celebrity Big Brother earlier this year.

Holden deemed their behaviour “nasty,” sparking Osbourne to hit back with a long statement written to the mother-of-three and shared on X.

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