Gladiators fans accuse BBC of ‘lack of funding’ as they call out ‘major downgrade’ during series finale

Gladiators fans accuse BBC of ‘lack of funding’ as they call out ‘major downgrade’ during series finale

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Lauren Williams

By Lauren Williams

Published: 31/03/2024

- 16:12

Updated: 31/03/2024

- 16:50

The final episode of the reboot aired last night and saw two contestants crowned as champions

Gladiators fans were left furious last night after Marie-Louise Nicholson and Finlay Anderson were crowned champions – but they weren’t happy they walked away with nothing.

After 11 gruelling weeks of challenges and fierce gladiators getting in their way, Nicholson and Anderson were victorious.

In previous years, cars and prizes totaling more than £45,000 were claimed, however viewers were quick to notice that this year there has been a "massive downgrade" from the original 90s series.

Neither Nicholson and Anderson went home none the richer, and fans were left furious for the competitors.

Taking to their X accounts, one fan fumed: “Me sending out that search party for the prize money after smashing out a Gladiators win?! LIKE COME ONNNN. I'd even of taken a 1994 jeep over that trophy!!”

Another added: “THEY DON’T GET A PRIZE?! Major downgrade from the 90s'; 'Didn’t they win a bigger prize than a trophy in the 90s or was that my imagination.”


During the old series the winners walked away with prize money


“So after all that there’s no actual prize?” one commented before another expressed: “All that for a trophy? Where's the car and cash prize?.

Noticing the same, a fifth user said: “There a cash prize for winning #Gladiators - it used to be £50k and a gas guzzling Jeep.”

Another even accused the BBC of being cheap as they fumed: “#gladiators Show us the money! How cheap can @bbc get?!

“The winners get no cash prize; no car; no holiday in the Bahamas?!!? That’s disgraceful seeing as this is one of the only successful new shows the BBC has. Put it right next time! ps. Jet!”


The viewers claimed the BBC had a lack of funding


Not all viewers were annoyed at the lack of winnings, as one happy viewer noted: “People moaning about the prize money but for a lot of people, just winning is good enough for them.” (sic)

The show may be over for now but it was recently revealed that another series has been commissioned for next year.

It’s revival has been a ratings success story, with the debut episode attracting a staggering 6.4million viewers.

The future of the show has been cemented, after BBC chief Tim Davie included the series in his list of “big priorities” for the year in an address to the Royal Television Society early last week.


Gladiators fans were left outraged


He noted: “Of course, it means that we will, despite budget pressures, prioritise big national occasions – from the Coronation, Eurovision, the Proms and Glastonbury.

“To the Olympics and the Euros, or Strictly or Gladiators, Children in Need and even that great drama: Election Night.”

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