Fiona Bruce should be SACKED from the BBC over bias - Shock poll

Fiona Bruce smiling at an awards evening

A poll has revealed that Question Time viewers think Fiona Bruce should be sacked by the BBC

Georgina Cutler

By Georgina Cutler

Published: 12/03/2023

- 16:09

Updated: 12/03/2023

- 16:09

Viewers of Question Time have accused Fiona Bruce of being ‘biased’

Fiona Bruce’s impartiality has been called into question after a poll revealed that 70 per cent of Question Time viewers think the host should be sacked by the BBC.

Those employed by the BBC are required to follow impartiality rules which says it is “committed to achieving due impartiality in all its output” and “this commitment is fundamental to our reputation, our values and the trust of audiences”.

It comes after Match of the Day presenter Gary Lineker was suspended by the BBC over his comments concerning the Government's new Illegal Migration Bill.

The survey by The Express found that Question Time viewers thought Bruce was “biased”.

Gary Lineker outside him home

Gary Lineker has been suspended from presenting Match of Day


One Twitter user @KSAfricaHack said: “@bbcquestiontime someone should remind the unbelievably biased Fiona Bruce that she is on Question Time to chair it not whip up support for the odious Tories.”

While @isaacdavid1958 tweeted: “It’s horrible news. Hearing that the BBC had reminded Gary Lineker of his responsibilities after his remarks when Fiona Bruce appears to be getting away with blatant bias in her presentation of Question Time, makes me glad I gave up on current affairs programmes.”

The poll, which ran from 10.30am on Thursday, March 9 until 11.30am on Friday, March 10, on asked social media users: “Should BBC sack Fiona Bruce over ‘bias’?”

A total of 4,911 votes were cast, with the vast majority, 71 per cent (3,500 people) answering “yes” she should be sacked.

While 27 percent (1,343 people) said “no” she should keep her position, and another 68 people said they did not know either way.

Many readers argued that Bruce should be sacked by the BBC.

One user named LionelBee wrote: “After just watching her 'performance' on QT with outrageous and obvious anti-Tory outburst interrupting the Immigration Minister she should be sacked.”

Username PigeonsLivesMatter said: “She should have been sacked a long time ago.”

Outside the BBC building

The BBC have said Gary Lineker will not present MOTD until they have reviewed their social media policy


And username SlanQuince wrote: “All people who work for the BBC should have no views.”

Other users argued that Bruce should not be sacked with some hailing her impartial take on politics.

Deputy8_99 wrote: “I don't think she is biased in the slightest. She treats parties the same whatever their colour.”

Username toryneerdowell said: “Bruce does quite well at the job but she does sometimes let her Tory bias/preference show through. I don't think she should be sacked, though it would be good if she held the Government to account a bit more.”

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