UK's Olly Alexander bags ZERO points from Europe's public vote as Switzerland wins controversial Eurovision

UK's Olly Alexander bags ZERO points from Europe's public vote as Switzerland wins controversial Eurovision

WATCH HERE: Olly Alexander is given ZERO points by Eurovision's voting public

Alex Davies

By Alex Davies

Published: 12/05/2024

- 00:03

Updated: 13/05/2024

- 08:55

Olly Alexander did manage to earn 46 points from the juries

Olly Alexander had to grin through the pain during the closing moments of Saturday's Eurovision final after receiving ZERO points from the European voting public.

The United Kingdom was the only country not to receive a single point from the results of the public vote in an embarrassing turn of events for the 33-year-old.

His song Dizzy did manage to bag 46 points from the participating countries' juries, however.

This meant Alexander finished 18th out of 25 in the final leaderboard, usurping the likes of Finland, Estonia, Georgia, Spain, Slovenia, Austria and Norway.

When host Petra Mede broke the news Alexander hadn't earned a single point from the voting public, the singer did his best to brush off the snub as he laughed and joked with his dancers and team.

"Oh, that is brutal," BBC commentator Graham Norton remarked before praising Alexander for still smiling.

BBC Eurovision

BBC Eurovision: Olly Alexander bagged ZERO points from the voting public


In the end, it was Switzerland who were crowned this year's Eurovision winners after seeing off Croatia in a tense head-to-head.

Croatia's Baby Lasagne finished with a joint score of 547 following the jury and public vote while Switzerland's Nemo earned an impressive 591 points.

Before signing off the show, Norton once more described Alexander's scores from Europe's viewers as "harsh".

Fans were quick to react to the brutal snub by Europe's voting audience on social media as soon as it was announced on-screen.

"What does the UK have to do to get points? Can't believe that Olly got nothing from the public vote #Eurovision," one fan complained.

A second fumed: "Can’t argue with that top two and that result. A shame that Olly got no televote points though, seemed harsh. #Eurovision."

And a third hit out: "Sorry but @alexander_olly did not deserve nil points tonight!! amazing guy! amazing song! #eurovision."

The support kept coming: "Also Olly! You got us points! Like be bloody proud of yourself #Eurovision #UnitedKingdom #eurovision24 #ollyalexander." (sic)

Olly Alexander

Olly Alexander performed Dizzy during Saturday's finale


Elsewhere, Israel was one of the big winners when it came to the public vote as Eden Golan earned an impressive 323 votes just from voters at home.

The score wasn't enough to put Israel in touching distance of the trophy but did rocket them up the leaderboard as boos rang out around the arena amid ongoing protests at the country's involvement in the competition.

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