Copy of Eurovision 2024: Germany dealt huge blow to victory hopes as 'Big 5' data shows worrying trend

Copy of Eurovision 2024: Germany dealt huge blow to victory hopes as 'Big 5' data shows worrying trend

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Olivia Gantzer

By Olivia Gantzer

Published: 11/05/2024

- 05:00

New data has shown this year could be bad news for Germany

Eurovision is edging towards the all-important final tonight, but Germany has already been dealt a huge blow following the latest data trend reveal.

Fans have been looking forward to tonight's final, which will air live from Malmö, Sweden.

The UK, France, Spain, Germany and Italy come under the "Big Five" countries who go straight to the final of the competition no matter what happens during the semi-final shows.

However, Germany could be in danger this year, with the latest trends revealed by

According the the betting company, the country is set to be the worst of the Big Five group.

"The UK, France, Germany, Italy and Spain are the five nations who contribute the most financially to the production of the Eurovision Song Contest every year," a spokesperson Charlie Mullan stated.

Olly Alexander and ISAAK

Germany has been dealt a huge blow ahead of the final

Eurovision Song Contest

"They have the biggest say in how the contest is organised, and by investing so much into the Eurovision, they tweak the rules to suit them and to give them a better chance of success.

"Since becoming the ‘Big 5’ in 2011, one win is all they have to show for their efforts. Another failure in Malmo could possibly lead to more changes."

They continued: "Of the ‘Big 5’ Germany have got the least return from their investment with just 662 points in 12 contests which works out at an average of 55.2 points per year.

"The UK fare slightly better with an average of 75.2 points per year. Italy leads the way in the ‘Big 5’ table with an average points total (including televoting) of 260.1 points per year."

Olly Alexander will be representing the UK with his entry, Dizzy, while Germany's act ISAAK will perform Always on the Run.


ISAAK is representing Germany in this year's Eurovision

Eusorivison Song Contest also found that Greece and Cyprus are the "most predictable" part of Eurovision.

Mullan continued: "The more things change in the Eurovision Song Contest, the more they stay the same.

Speaking ahead of this week's semi-finals, he added: "If Cyprus and Greece both come through their semi-finals, Cyprus on Tuesday night and Greece two nights later, then one of Eurovision’s biggest trends is likely to continue.

"When it comes to one country giving another maximum points, Cyprus and Greece are top of the list Cyprus have given Greece 12 points a record 25 times, and Greece have reciprocated 18 times.


Germany is set to be the "worst" of the Big Five, according to

Eurovision Song Contest

"It would probably have been more had Cyprus not missed the final seven times in the last 15 contests."

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