BBC MasterChef sparks 'sexism' row as fans fume over title error: 'Driving me mad!'

BBC MasterChef sparks 'sexism' row as fans fume over title error: 'Driving me mad!'

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Olivia Gantzer

By Olivia Gantzer

Published: 08/05/2024

- 23:04

Updated: 08/05/2024

- 23:06

Fans blasted the cooking competition following the latest epsiode

MasterChef was back on screens for knockout week on Wednesday, but some viewers were left distracted by what they deemed "sexist".

It came as George, a contestant in the latest instalment, was referred to as his professional title but the same wasn't done for a female competitor.

George is a doctor and was referred to as such throughout the episode, however, some pointed out that when GP Dinta was on the show she wasn't referred to by the title.

Some labelled this "sexist" as they shared the observation online, sparking a row amongst viewers.

Taking to X, formerly Twitter, one wrote: "I’m a massive #MasterChef fan but why do they keep referring to George as Dr George but never Dinta as Dr Dinta?"

"Why is George being called Doctor George, yet Dinta, who is also a doctor, isn’t? Is it #CasualMisogyny," another asked.

Dinta and George

MasterChef fans sparked a 'sexism' row


"I noticed that too!" a third added, while another responded: "It’s driving me mad now."

"I noticed that too. Interesting," a fifth penned, while someone else argued: "Sexism is strong in this professional kitchen #MasterChef Praise for the men v praise for the ladies."

Fans also noted vet Brin was not given a title, with one asking: "Why is it "Dr George" and not Dr Dinta or even Dr Brin".

However, others praised the episode, with one stating: "Love #MasterChef so much." (sic)

John Torode and Gregg Wallace

MasterChef fans blasted something they noticed in the episode


Earlier in the week, fans exposed a huge flaw in one of the dishes.

It came as one of the contestants decided to make a salad as his dish.

Many took to social media to fume over the decision, with others complaining the show had got "too easy".

Taking to their X account, one unimpressed viewer commented: "Bl**dy ell, have they run out of meal ideas? Caesar Salad."

Gregg Wallace

Fans pointed out only George was referred to by his title


"A SALAD! #masterchef,” another wrote before a third added: “So you want them to make a Caesar Salad then? #MasterChef."

Another expressed: "I mean.. if you can’t make a basic salad how the hell did you make it through to #MasterChef."

GB News has contacted BBC for a comment on the claims.

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