‘She’s telling poor little people what to do’ Patrick Christys rages at Emma Thompson

Patrick Christys on GB News

Patrick Christys has taken aim at Emma Thompson

Ben Chapman

By Ben Chapman

Published: 01/09/2023

- 16:58

Updated: 01/09/2023

- 17:05

The Oscar-nominated actor joined Extinction Rebellion for a protest

Dame Emma Thompson is under fire after she was spotted on-board a superyacht in Venice.

The Oscar-nominated actor gained notoriety by wreaking havoc on the streets of London with Extinction Rebellion protesters by blocking traffic.

Her appearance on the gas-guzzling vessel irked GB News presenter Patrick Christys, who said it was a slam dunk display of hypocrisy.

Thompson was spotted alongside the boat’s owners, billionaire Fox News co-founder Barry Diller and his wife Diane von Furstenberg.


The last time Thompson caused upset on a boat was in 2019, where she jumped aboard a bright pink vessel on the streets of London with fellow eco protesters, bringing traffic to a halt.

Speaking on GB News, Patrick Christys came to verbal blows with social commentator Narinder Kaur, who claimed Thompson’s appearance on the luxury boat was not hypocritical.


“If this was such an emergency, and out and out emergency, I wouldn’t be flying anywhere or getting on gas-guzzling yachts”, Christys said.

“It looks to me a bit that she’s telling poor little people that their lives need to be impacted on, but her and her mates can just carry on.”

Kaur disagreed with the sentiment, saying her action “doesn’t make her a hypocrite”.

“Behind the scenes, she is probably doing what she should. For example, I’m a fan of Ulez, and I got rid of my car, good on me.

Emma ThompsonEmma Thompson spoke at an XR protest on board a pink boat PA

“However, I just got back from a holiday to Mexico. Does that make me a hypocrite? No.

“It just means I’m doing my bit, she is doing her bit. It doesn’t make her wrong on the climate crisis or make her a hypocrite.

“I think she is entitled to spend her money how she wants.”

GB News’ Christys rallied against the suggestion that Thompson is entitled to let loose on her eco values.

“I’ve got a strong indication about the way she lives her life behind the scenes”, he said.

“Joining Dame Emma on board was other American celebrities, it paints a picture of somebody who is a high roller living a glitterati lifestyle.

“The lifestyle is frankly doing more to damage the environment more than somebody who drives into a Ulez every day.”

Thompson’s eco lunacy was brought into question as a result of her decision to jet back and forth from LA to London to attend the protests.

After warning that the world is heading for “irreversible change”, she then claimed that she was racking up significantly fewer air miles since taking part in climate change activism.

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