Dave Myers 'felt loved' as he reflects on ‘simple joys’ and discusses chemo journey in penultimate Hairy Bikers

Dave Myers 'felt loved' as he reflects on ‘simple joys’ and discusses chemo journey in penultimate Hairy Bikers

WATCH HERE: Hairy Bikers visit Bristol bakery in penultimate Go West episode

Alex Davies

By Alex Davies

Published: 13/03/2024

- 12:48

Updated: 20/03/2024

- 14:49

The late TV cook returned to screens in the second-to-last episode of Hairy Bikers Go West on Tuesday

Dave Myers shared a poignant speech during Tuesday evening's Hairy Bikers Go West as he reflected on the joyful trip he and Si King had paid to Bristol.

In the penultimate episode of the series which was recorded before Myers' death last month, the pair headed to ANNA Cake Couture where they got to tuck into some mouth-watering sweet treats.

Myers, who died following a two-year cancer battle, clearly relished the experience as he revealed during the Go West instalment that he'd "developed a sweet tooth" as a result of chemotherapy treatment.

The late Hairy Biker delved into the joy he felt while devouring a handful of cookies alongside his pal and co-star King and the bakers on hand.

Blown away by the caramelised white chocolate cookie, a sceptical King said: "To be fair, that's fantastic."

And Myers reciprocated the pleasure as he said: "It's enough of a cake to be cakey and satisfying. It's a proper treat, isn't it?

Dave Myers

Dave Myers died on February 28 after Go West had been filmed


"If you're feeling kind of miserable, it'll cheer you up. If you're feeling cold, it'll make you feel warm.

"If you got it as a gift, you'd feel loved."

The cookie-tasting session clearly meant a great deal to Myers who added in his voiceover: "Tasting these cookies from a local bakery is a sweet reminder that simple joys and shared moments can really touch the soul.

"These cookies baked with love carry a piece of this beautiful city with them - as do I."

Si King

Si King enjoyed the cookie tasting just as much as Dave


In a piece to camera, Myers went on: "I did feel as if I had wandered into this Willy Wonka chocolate cake factory!

"And it's funny, since I've been treated and had this chemotherapy, I've developed a sweet tooth which of course was catered for amply there."

As the episode drew to a close, Myers and King took a moment to look back on their trip to Bristol, which prompted a now-heartbreaking monologue from Myers as he looked to the future.

"What's lovely is the optimism looking forward," Myers said of the city. "And certainly on the food front, it's very, very exciting and very optimistic. They've got the best of the past and the best of the future."

Dave Myers

Dave Myers revealed chemo had given him a 'sweet tooth' in the second-to-last Hairy Bikers episode


Myers and King will be back for the final time in next week's Go West finale.

The BBC decided to continue airing Go West in its biller timeslot in honour of Myers who died on February 28.

Go West has been lauded as a "wonderful legacy" for Myers as it shows time and time again the sweet relationship he shared with King.

Since his death, Myers' wife has provided an update with a lengthy tribute to her other half while the Hairy Bikers social media account had to issue an urgent warning in response to a sick scam involving the late TV presenteronse to a sick scam involving the late TV presenter.

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