Clarkson's Farm's Lisa Hogan claps back at fan over Diddly Squat product complaints: 'We keep it authentic!'

Clarkson's Farm's Lisa Hogan claps back at fan over Diddly Squat product complaints: 'We keep it authentic!'

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Alex Davies

By Alex Davies

Published: 21/03/2024

- 10:08

Jeremy Clarkson's partner took to social media to promote a new addition to the farm shop

Lisa Hogan has been quick to respond to one disgruntled social media user after receiving some rather harsh criticism about a new addition to the Diddly Squat farm shop.

Hogan, whose other half Jeremy Clarkson runs the farm with the help of Kaleb Cooper, often lends a hand in keeping the shop afloat for visitors at the Oxfordshire farm.

However, since the farm shop opened, it hasn't been short of controversy - facing traffic complaints from locals and even a spat of shoplifting.

Clarkson even hit back at one irked visitor last year who'd taken to social media to complain about the prices in the farm shop.

This time, it was Hogan's turn to respond to complaints after she took to Instagram to promote a new unisex perfume hitting the shelves and online store.

Diddly Squat is releasing two new fragrances for fans as Hogan excitedly explained in a new video: "The Diddly Squat perfumes have arrived!

Lisa Hogan

Clarkson's Farm star Lisa Hogan has unveiled a new product for Diddly Squat


"Both are ambidextrous," she continued, confusing the term with unisex. "This one is called Drive and it's a bit kind of 'naughty sexy' is how I describe it.

"It smells great on Jeremy and they come in little bags like that.

"And then... oh, Wet. You put it on after you've had a shower or a bath and it just all comes out and smells amazing. Both are quite fresh and light, they're not clingy. Everyone loves them."

Hogan's update was soon inundated with fans eager to try out the new scents but among the comments was one person who slammed the design of the product.

"You need a better brand designer!? What font is that?" the disgruntled fan complained. "Looks like a 5 year old scribbled it in MS Paint software…"

Instead of ignoring the moan, Hogan hit back and defended the Diddly Squat product.

"Take that up with @jeremyclarkson1," Hogan replied. "It’s his hand writing - we like to keep it authentic."

Despite the explanation, the irked user appeared unmoved as they responded: "I love you guys truly, but as a brand designer myself (and someone with OCD) I just can’t…"

Hogan hasn't let the critique dampen her excitement, however, as she revealed just how much hard work had gone into developing the fragrances.

"3 years of panic and indecision in the making. Happy with the result," she said in a separate Instagram story.

Lisa Hogan

Jeremy Clarkson's girlfriend Lisa Hogan has hit back at fan complaints on social media


Also among the comments was Clarkson himself who couldn't resist teasing his other half about her mix-up of phrasing.

"Lisa my darling. Two things. I don’t wear scent. And I think you mean Unisex, not ambidextrous," he quipped, much to the amusement of fans.

Hogan remarked back: "@jeremyclarkson1 isn’t it affectionate when I spray you from behind? It does smell delicious on you." (sic)

The perfumes are currently available to pre-order on the Diddly Squat website and will officially launch on March 26.

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