Channel 4 viewers ‘so confused’ as Stacey Solomon lands ANOTHER home reno series: ‘On everything!'

Channel 4 viewers ‘so confused’ as Stacey Solomon lands ANOTHER home reno series: ‘On everything!'

Stacey Solomon’s new DIY show was met with a di vided reception from viewers

Lauren Williams

By Lauren Williams

Published: 11/04/2024

- 08:35

The TV star has presented her own DIY series, Sort Your Life Out, on the BBC since 2021

Stacey Solomon has come under fire from several Channel 4 viewers after she hosted the first episode of her new series Renovation Rescue, causing some to claim she was “everywhere” on TV.

Renovation Rescue – formerly known as Bricking It – sees the 34-year-old getting stuck into the world of bricklaying, basic plumbing and roof-tiling.

The shows aim is to help people who have had shoddy or unfinished jobs done in their homes and inspire viewers to take on their own building and DIY projects.

Solomon also shares the tips and tricks she picked up whilst renovating her home, Pickle Cottage, which she shares with former EastEnders actor Joe Swash.

The Channel 4 series kicked off last night, but within minutes of airing, many viewers took to their X account to complain that Solomon was on their screens once again in a show not too dissimilar to her BBC programme, Sort Your Life Out.

One fumed: “So they've been ripped off by builders and they just send in Stacey to tell them to just get on and do it themselves?! No real help from professionals or some money?! #renovationrescue.”

Stacey Solomon

Stacey takes on the task of building, brick laying and roof-tiling


Another added: “I don’t mind Stacey Solomon but she is on everything at the moment. I truly believe this is a long game plan to keep Joe Swash in the public eye with a view to get him back on EastEnders.”

“Is Stacey Solomon the new Nick Knowles? I’m so confused by Channel 4 right now,” a third asked before one user quipped: “What the f*** does Stacey Solomon know about DIY...”

However, not everyone was annoyed by the broadcaster’s choice of presenter as one excited fan praised: “Honestly @StaceySolomon is a national treasure #Staceysolomon #renovationrescue.”

“The most important ingredient in this rather gorgeous show is the provision of hope to pretty broken people. Thank you @StaceySolomon,” another penned. (sic)

Stacey Solomon Channel 4 show

Channel 4 fans were left confused as to why Stacey had another DIY series


Speaking on how excited she was for the new series, the former X Factor star said: “From an early age, my dad taught me DIY and the importance of fixing things yourself where you can.

“I still find it so satisfying to build or repair around the house, and it saves loads of money. I am beyond excited to work with Reese Witherspoon’s Hello Sunshine on their first-ever UK project.

“They are all about empowering women, and what could be more empowering than a power tool?! It’s a dream come true to share my DIY hacks with everyone at home."

This isn’t the first time that Solomon has faced backlash for her DIY series, as Sort Your Life Out was branded as “too intrusive” and “embarrassing” for a recent episode.

Stacey Solomon

Stacey Solomon's latest DIY series has been slammed


The series sees Solomon help people de-clutter and transform their homes and lives – often throwing out piles of items they’re hoarded over their lives.

Solomon was helping a single mother-of-two Rachel, when they stumbled across the proposal speech which was written by her ex-husband, Darren,

Rachel touched on their divorce throughout the episode and explained that a lot of the clutter was due to her ex promising to turn the space into a dance studio for their girls – Amelia, 15, and Madeline, 11.

Darren later appeared in the show to help go through the items in the house, which left may to slam that they episode was “awkward” and should “never be done again”.

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