Bridgerton star flooded with support after sharing footage of rock-climbing fall and 'broken arm'

Bridgerton star flooded with support after sharing footage of rock-climbing fall and 'broken arm'

WATCH HERE: Ruby Barker shares horrifying rock climbing fall

Olivia Gantzer

By Olivia Gantzer

Published: 04/04/2024

- 14:59

The actress had recently turned to fitness to tackle her mental health struggles

Bridgerton star Ruby Barker has shared on social media a clip of herself losing grip on a climbing wall and landing painfully on her arm.

The 27-year-old Marina Thompson actress had been enjoying an attempt at a climb at an official centre in Leeds when disaster struck and she had to be hospitalised.

As is typical practice, Barker hadn’t been wearing a harness when she climbed at the fitness centre in front of the camera.

However, the clip turns frightening when she is seen losing grip and falling awkwardly, landing with a thud on her arm.

The actress appears to be in extreme pain before the clip ends. Taking to Instagram soon after, Barker shared a video of her arm with an ice pack and explained: “Right guys that's me I'm off to hospital. I just came off this one up here and I fell wrong on my arm.

“I believe I dislocated my arm and I'm in a lot of pain and I'm waiting on an ambulance.

Ruby Barker

The Bridgerton star was left with an injured arm

Instagram rubybarker

“This is bouldering man, but I'm being taken care of really well. The ambulance might be three hours.”

She later updated fans to say she’d been driven to hospital in the end after a long wait. She added: “Pain-wise it's a solid 10 out of 10 and I have no idea how I'm managing to keep it this real but I'm strong as we can see.”

Uploading the footage of the accident later, she captioned it: “You ok? This is what happened.”

While at hospital, she responded to some comments to update fans. In one post, she wrote: “Dislocated elbow. Possible fracture, waiting in sorting the elbow out to do an another round of x rays.

“l'm only rope climbing from now on, mark my words. I was bouldering with a crash matt but the impact and way I fell on my arm just snapped it out man x."

Ruby Barker

The Bridgerton star has been updating fans on her social media


She went on to tell another follower: “I broke my arm bro but yeah it was awesome.”

Just a day before the painful incident, Barker had told her social media followers she’d been diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder.

Sharing a snap of herself enjoying a hot drink, she candidly wrote: “Hi, I’m bipolar. I have a diagnosis now, cause for celebration #bipolar #mentalhealth #notalone #lastsundance.”

In both posts, the actress was met with a flood of supportive responses from fans, who urged her not to give up on the sport.

One wrote: “I hope you're ok and I hope you're enjoying the challenge. But where is the harness?”

“Where’s your harness? hope your ok,” another echoed.

A third added: “i couldn’t even get up one step. so bravo Ruby! don’t give up!”

“You’re doing great Rubi hope you didn’t hurt yourself though. Exercise is also great for mental health try doing some functional exercises it will help you with the strength you need with upper and lower body. Love watching you explore your potential. You got this!” a fourth commented.

Another penned: “That sport is SO HARD!!! Gah!! Be careful!” while someone else added: “You did so well!!!!!! The strength in your body is unreal.” (sic)

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