Bev Turner shares all on her new lover and how her family reacted to him being 14-years-younger than her

Bev Turner shares all on her new lover and how her family reacted to him being 14-years-younger than her

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George Bunn

By George Bunn

Published: 17/03/2024

- 19:02

The Britain's Newsroom presenter got together with James Pritchett in 2019

GB News presenter Bev Turner said she felt like she "won the lottery" when she met her new partner James Pritchett.

The 50-year-old Britain's Newsroom presenter met Pritchett, 36, through a friend.

Pritchett, who works for an eco housing company said that he didn't know who Bev was until he subsequently Googled her name.

Bev, who separated from her Olympic rower husband James Cracknell in 2019 after 17 years and three children together, said she has been delivered the "perfect man."

\u200bBev Turner with partner James PritchettBev Turner with partner James PritchettBev Turner

Speaking about the moment they met, Bev said: "'I was expecting a hairy-a***d builder, but there was this hot young man at my door. 'I thought 'oh, hello!' There was obvious chemistry, but I was a middle-aged woman with three kids. I never thought for a minute this man would come into my life, and transform it.

"I mean, this is a man who tidies hotel rooms! He makes the bed and folds the towels and puts things in the bin and leaves it all neat for the cleaners.

"The first time he did it – when we were having some hotel shenanigans, during the period when we were trying to keep our relationship quite distant from the children – I was stunned. I didn't know such men existed. It was very attractive, but not normal.

"When we were first falling in love, I realised he was reading my mind in terms of what I needed. Not in the bedroom, although he was good at that, too, but in general. He'd say, 'I bought some washing powder because I noticed we needed it'. I remember saying to him, 'who are you and who do you work for? MI5?'."


\u200bBev Turner and James Cracknell

Bev with then husband James Cracknell in 2008


Pritchett said: "I don't mean to blow my own trumpet, but I think I can read Bev quite well. I know what she needs. I see my role as just being here to make things easier for her. If, for instance, she needs to concentrate on work, I'll say to the kids 'don't disturb your mum, come to me.'"

Bev has three children with former Olympian James Cracknell, Croyde, now 20, Kiki, 14, and Trixie, 12. Cracknell suffered a devastating head injury in an accident while cycling across America for a TV programme.

She said: "I loved JC [Cracknell] and I thought we would be together for ever. But anyone who is married to an elite athlete will tell you that it is not an easy place to be because their life is always more important than yours.

"My husband worked hard and gave us a good quality of life, but I wanted to provide a good quality of life, too. For the first three or four years [after the accident], it was as if I had four children I feel as if my husband died in 2010. What I was dealing with was a bereavement."

Andrew Pierce, Bev Turner

Bev Turner with Britain's Newsroom with co-host Andrew Pierce

GB News

Bev says of Cracknell: "He's my children's dad, and they see him when they can, when his diary allows it and when theirs does."

Speaking about her family's reaction to the news, Bev said: "My mum wasn't impressed. She said: 'What would a handsome young man want with my daughter and her nightmare children'. She said, to James' face, 'well, I feel sorry for you. Don't you want to have children of your own?"

"I said to my mum before she met James that she would love him, because he makes me calm. She said: 'Nonsense. No one makes you calm', but now she agrees he does.

"I feel I've won the Lottery! I like to think that I had such a hard time for the last eight years of my marriage that the love gods looked down on me, thought 'let's give her a break', and delivered me the perfect man."

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