BBC viewers fume at 'awful' feature of new Boiling Point drama as fans switch off: 'BBC pull your socks up!'

BBC viewers fume at 'awful' feature of new Boiling Point drama as fans switch off: 'BBC pull your socks up!'

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Alex Davies

By Alex Davies

Published: 02/10/2023

- 08:59

Updated: 02/10/2023

- 21:12

The first episode of the kitchen-based drama kicked off on Sunday evening

Boiling Point viewers appear to have switched off in their droves on Sunday night due to a "very poor" and distracting feature in the opening episode.

Set in the high-pressure environment of one of London's fast-paced and demanding kitchens, the series picks up six months on from the events of the film of the same name.

The film, which starred the likes of Stephen Graham and Vinette Robinson, was met with plaudits aplenty, even racking up four BAFTA nominations.

A number of the cast that made the film a success returned for the BBC drama, including Graham and Robinson, with the latter's character Carly now at the helm of the kitchen.

While the series has ditched the trend of being filmed continuously in one shot, Boiling Point has tried to maintain the tense and hot-headed drama that ensues in the kitchen set out in the film.

But the premiere appears to have fallen flat with a number of viewers, with several taking to the web to bemoan that they were having difficulties hearing any of the dialogue due to audio issues.

Vinette Robinson

Vinette Robinson leads the cast of Boiling Point as Carly


Taking to X, formerly known as Twitter, one viewer shared their thoughts as they raged: "What happened to the sound on #BoilingPoint ruined it for me!"

A second agreed: "#BoilingPoint @BBC_Complaints It started with very poor sound, then I felt sick with the stupid drunk camera operator followed by lashings of over acting.

"30 seconds and I was out. Watched something I could hear instead. Good luck but not for me. Come on BBC pull your socks up."

Elsewhere, a third weighed in: "This tv version of #BoilingPoint is not a patch on the film. Way way way too much chatter and personal stuff going on for am professional kitchen in a high end restaurant. And awful sound too…"

The sound became the subject of complaint for another viewer who fumed: "@bbc Trying to watch #Boilingpoint but can’t catch half of the dialogue!! Is it just me? Sound is awful. Giving it up."

And another also commented: "I can’t work out if I’m going deaf, or my TV volume is broken, or this audio on #BoilingPoint is c**p."

Stephen Graham

Stephen Graham plays Andy in the series


However, there were still some viewers who enjoyed the drama despite the sound issues, including one fan who penned: "Caught two eps of #BoilingPoint last night after loving the film a few years ago.

"Absolutely riveting telly, packed full of tension and emotion. Expertly acted. Oh, and I never want to work in a kitchen in my life!"

The sound issues may have something to do with the way the series has been filmed and edited, which one of the show's crew addressed online.

Jules Woods, who worked on the sound of the series, did take to Twitter prior to the premiere episode to explain the intricacies of the sound mixing on the show.

He suggested to viewers: "Btw. #BoilingPoint is being transmitted in 5.1 tonight. If you have the power - I would recommend.

"Theres a lot of movement and space that we put into the sound of the episodes which really pops in surround. Obvs the stereo mix is banging too." (sic)

Ray Panthaki

Ray Panthaki plays Freeman in the BBC drama


While some viewers may have already switched off the new drama, every episode is available for fans to stream on iPlayer to binge should they decide not to tune in each Sunday night.

And prior to the series launch, Graham and Hannah Walters, who serve as executive producers, implored fans to do so due to the ability to delve deeper into the characters' stories than the film did.

They said: "To be able to explore and go on a journey with our established and new characters will be a rollercoaster of feelings and emotions, but a rollercoaster you will want to keep getting back on.

"Our aim is to make powerful drama which reflects social realism, raising real-life issues which have an effect on each and every one of us."

Boiling Point isn't the only new drama of late to have been met with criticism due to viewers finding problems with the audio.

Over on ITV, new Yorkshire Ripper drama The Long Shadow was met with floods of complaints from viewers similarly complaining about inaudible dialogue.

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