BBC Antiques Roadshow guest blown away as item bought for £1 fetches staggering value

BBC Antiques Roadshow guest blown away as item bought for £1 fetches staggering value

Antiques Roadshow guest left stunned at valuation of her grandmother's heirloom

Lauren Williams

By Lauren Williams

Published: 29/04/2024

- 11:19

Updated: 20/06/2024

- 15:52

Fiona Bruce and her band of experts took the roadshow to the Ulster Folk Museum just outside Belfast

Antiques Roadshow expert Will Farmer left one of his guests stunned when he revealed the staggering price of his stag model which he previously bought at a car boot sale.

During a classic episode of the BBC series, items such as a DeLorean car, a pair of 100-year-old anklets worn by women in India, a stone head dug up in a garden, and a CF Martin acoustic guitar that has travelled the world were brought to the roadshow.

Farmer was joined by a guest and his wife who brought along a stag model, and asked: "Well in the quiet and the peace of this sitting here.

"He looks really at ease, this wonderful model of a stage just lying there, but tell me where did he come from in your life?"

The guest explained: "I bought it about 20 years ago at a car boot sale, for a £1," leaving Farmer to confirm "For a pound?"

"For a pound yeah. I just liked him so then so then and thought he was a great bargain," the guest added.

Antiques Roadshow

The guest bought the stag model for £1 at a car boot sale


Taking a closer look at the model, Farmer said: "Well what we have got is an Austrian, coal-painted bronze figure, and around 1900, around Vienna and Austria there were 50 different manufacturers.

"But of course, there is one name that always seems to ripple to the surface and that is Bergmann. Looking at the quality of him, I think we are looking, safe to say, this is a Bergmann.

"He is so beautifully modelled, he has got a little bit of a bend there on the antlers maybe he has been in a bit of a battle but he is intact and all there and is a really sensitive study of a stag. It is so lovely.

"So one pound? There has got to be a small profit do you reckon?"

Antiques Roadshow

The guest and his wife were left stunned at the staggering valuations


The guest noted: "I hope so," before Farmer revealed: "Well I know. Your one pound purchase today you are looking at £500 to £600."

The guest's wife was left in shock and exclaimed: "Wow, wow," before her husband responded: "That is great!"

Bruce recently opened up about the pressure to "modernise" the BBC show which she felt could "take us to a new level".

Speaking with Jane Garvey in their podcast, Fortunately… Fi and Jane, Bruce was asked: “Are you under any pressure to slightly modernise the categories?

Antiques Roadshow

Antiques Roadshow guest was left stunned over the valuation of his stag model


“I know that sounds bizarre as it's called the Antiques Roadshow, but you know, all of that collectable stuff?”

Garvey went on to point out that a pair of rare Nike trainers from the 1980s or 1990s “could get you a couple of grand now.” She suggested that it could gain a “brand new audience” that the show had never been targeting before.

Bruce laughed at the suggestion and explained: “That could be the thing that takes us into a new demographic, new level, and the next thing I know it’ll be on BBC Three!”

Dampening her hopes, Garvey joked: “No, they can’t fit you in between a documentary about STDs and something about Stacey Dooley – it’s a remarkable channel.”

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