UK cold weather: Exact date 'mini-heatwave' to end as freezing air sweeps Britain

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The heat will plummet to 12C

Holly Bishop

By Holly Bishop

Published: 09/10/2023

- 09:49

The UK is currently experiencing a "hotter than average" autumn

Brits can expect the "mini-heatwave" to end this week, as temperatures in some parts of the UK could drop to single digits.

The UK is currently experiencing a hotter than average October, with highs of 26C hitting the south and southeast.

However, this will soon drop, as by Thursday, temperatures could drop to 12C.

Data from weather maps shows that parts of Scotland may even plummet to single digits.

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In parts of the south, overnight the temperature could fall into single digits.

The forecast could come as a relief for many Brits, who may be getting tired of the endless heat.

The UK is currently experiencing a "hotter than average" October.

Characterised as an "Indian summer", the autumn months so far have been unusually higher than expected.


Weather map

The temperatures will drop this week


Brits will not need to wear their warm jackets and jumpers for long though, as days later, temperatures will rise again.

From October 18 to 21, the UK is expected to experience another abnormally warm spell.

Parts of the country will see three straight days of pleasant 19C heat.

The forecast can be expected to bring about some relief to Scots, who experienced relentless flooding over the weekend.

A "danger to life" warning was issued in some parts of the country due to the severe flooding.

\u200bThe landslide across the junction

The landslide across the junction in Scotland

Police Scotland/HM Coastguard

Multiple landslides occurred on Saturday, with 10 people being airlifted to safety from rocks sliding onto a road between Argyll and Bute.

Over 2,000 tonnes of debris had fallen onto the road.

The heavy rainfall led to travel disruption on roads and railways.

ScotRail services on a number of lines were suspended on Sunday.

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